The system cannot find the path specified for installing wordpress on iPage?

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My 1st question is: The system cannot find the path specified for installing wordpress on iPage? Looking forward for any response. Second question of mine... OK What the HELL is going on? I was searching at godaddy today and I see they are giving suggestions for so called "premium domains" that cost hundreds if not thousands. They are all .coms and they are selling them direct from not TDNAM. Is it their own inventory they have been withholding from drops? Or is it inventory from TDNAM? What is goign on?..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could answer your iPage question..

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Im pretty sure that GoDaddy is using a sort of refferal/affiliate with several bigger companies, including BuyDomains. I believe they are simply listing HostGator names which match the keywords - I dont believe they actually own these. For instance:.

HAWAIIRIVERS.COM is registered at Fabulous.....

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Those are domains owned by

See this thread from last summer:.


Comment #3's just turning into one big happy family, isn't it?..

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I was annoyed at first but then spotted a few nice ones for not too bad prices. Not that I bought one right now but it could be useful if you are looking for higher priced domains with good keywords...

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Man it sucks godaddy are doing this. they're basically just setting prices that these HostGator names are not even worth. are they getting them professionally apparised? they shoudn't be doing this. just trying to make alot of money I think...

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I would guess is setting the prices and just giving a commission to Godaddy. If I remember correctly, I think fabulous has something like 600,000 domains in their portfolio. I think Buydomains is doing something similar with some other registrars...

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It would be nice if I can list my names there...

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Yeah Fabulous is also partnering with Afternic to move a bunch of names too..

This is something to think about for us who are wanting our names to get attention..

If a person goes to buy a HostGator and your or mine is not seen because thousands of Fabulous or Godaddys names are shown, it may be slower sales for us...

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If you read the old thread, I asked if third party names listed for sale at were included. answered as follows:.

This leads me to believe that listed/parked domains my have the opportunity to be there later..

Actually, I think the opposite. The more secondary market domains that are sold and the higher profile they get, the more the general public will accept the secondary markets as legitimate and people will learn the true difference between legitimate sellers and cybersquatters..

I think more good names at afternic only makes the market better and attracts more buyers. Same reason ebay is so successful with normal goods. By putting their domains at afternic, it creates more traffic there which may see our names. However, If a person has crappy names, they aren't going to sell with or without the traffic. If the fabulous names are more expensive, it also makes your name look more like a bargain unless you overprice them...

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How does putting more names in Afternic create more traffic?.

If that is true, when Afternic had only one million names for sale, they would have sold many less a day than today as they have over four million names listed for sale now..

I don't see any increase of names sold from the extra millions of domains imported over the last three or four years. Adding another million or two won't increase sales for others, it will only dilute sales in my opinion..

I agree names need to have a certain quality to them. But the real truth is millions of names that buyers may buy are and have been sitting in auction houses for years. We get all tingly feeling because we read about a few dozen names selling thru the Journal. The biggest auction house's report a dozen or so a day being sold. Domainers forget that the public can be buyers too. Tap into that and see the difference in the quanity of names sold..

I don't see the current names to sales ratio as satisfactory myself. I see alot of names being sold to other domainers, not to the names potential, as the end users know what the ultimate price of a domains worth to be. I see some speculation from corporate buyers. I really don't see many end users finding us. Thats to bad. If end users were bidding up our names and coming in droves to buy them, I would be 24/7 domains..

Is this the real potential for HostGator sales?.

End users are not aware that the perfect name for their business is affordable and for sale in those auction houses. Adding more names will not bring more buyers. Marketing to those millions of people who have little knowledge of buying names will..

Marketing is in my opinion why we do most things, from craving Chinese food to buying that chocolate bar, sometime recently the ad for that item was branded into our minds, knowingly or not. Then the urge builds and we make the "purchase", not even knowing it was because some marketing company targeted us..

Its time for the HostGator business to see the value of direct marketing..

Ebay and Afternic have not much in common. Ebay is marketing to the end users bigtime. Radio, newsprint, magazines, billboards, direct mail, online marketing, on the sides of buses, in the subway, on monorails, at sports events, on tv. Don't want to bore myself or anyone else as I can go on. But the facts are that not to many people have not heard of Ebay or the success that people have selling items there..

Many domainers do not think Ebay is a good palce to sell domains. Ebay is a different market for domainers and very few figure out how to make it profitable..

But many are very successful selling there. I know one guy who sells dozens of domains a day and his business is steadily growing. he's been doing big business on Ebay for years. You might say his stragety is simalar to how a car salesmen sells. I won't tell how he does it or what his "unique" point of view is, but let me just say he is very successful..

Ebay does millions a day in revenues and that is in just one country. Now if Afternic wants to play in the big league, it will have to "change course" and go after end users in the same way Ebay does..

I guess when auction houses were growing fast they happened upon the "pay Per click" jackpot. Partner with a provider and focus on getting all those names people want to sell into their parking program. Then sit back and watch the money roll in. Maybe sitting back should have taken a back seat to promoting the buying of domains to end users. As they start coming in to buy domains, take a percentage of that revenue and "grow" the marketing program even bigger..

Don't know if this is a interesting concept to Afternic, but I imagine someday, some auction house will swoop in and take that market. The end user market probably has room for only one HostGator auction house giant anyway..

To grab the money that is available from selling names to end users the auction house must focus on marketing to those end users. If Ebay did not have that same marketing goal, they would today be a nobody...

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Anybody up for making that auction house?? Sounds like a great plan to me..

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I am all in. I cannot think of any better business than selling domains. If buyers were buying many of them and bidding them up I could definetly get excited..

K1, you make a good point. Maybe if we wait for auction houses to do these things, we may wait forever. Is it possible to get domainers involved in such a project?..

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