Three choices of burgers on the Medifast menu for In N Out?

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Quick question: Three choices of burgers on the Medifast menu for In N Out? Thanks in advance for any response. Second question of mine... So I just scheduled my.


For the end of March. And since then I have been worrying more and more about missing food. I have been working towards this.


For a year. I know I have Medifast food issues, or I wouldnt need the help of GBS, did anyone else fight the need to get it all in before you cant anymore?..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could assist you..

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The mourning is a very natural and normal part of all this. For most of us, this mourning, while real, is not as bad or intense as we imagined it would be. It also tends to fade with time as you work towards you new life. Some things you now believe you will mourn may turn out to be no big deal. Breads and pastries were that way for me. Turns out I don't miss them at all.


Because they remain big triggers for those feelings - bacon and barbeque..

Eventually, a GBS patient can have many of the same foods as 'normal' people, but we must restrict quantity and frequency..

For GBS to be successful over the long term, the.


Itself is not sufficient. It requires a deep change in the way we think - and consequently, our behaviors. That change is a journey - and even when we acknowledge that and greatly desire this change, it does not happen overnight. At 5 months out, I make no claims about 'being there' with respect to this change in thinking. I am working on it - daily. I know I will be for the foreseeable future.

For me, a 'one day at a time' approach seems best..

You're absolutely correct about the Medifast food issue thing too. We all have issues. Yes, we are obese, but WHY are we obese? Be aware that often, stripping away the weight, does not simultaneously eliminate these issues. Over the course of your journey, you may also need to spend some time identifying and working with the underlying issues..

GBS should never be, by itself, viewed as a 'solution'. It is just one part of a larger package - nutrition, water,.


, behaviors, thinking and working on underlying issues. I think you'll find that the more successful, long-term GBS patients here embrace that whole. Commit to the whole package. Then don't look back..

Your new life is waiting...

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I'm only a few weeks out and still changing daily, but the things I thought I'd crave the most don't seem that important now. The few times I gave in and had a few bites of something " just to see" turned out badly. They didn't taste as good as I remembered and they made me sick. We're all different that way, but the way we're all the same is that we've tried everything else to lose the weight that's killing us and this seems to be our chance for survival. If we have to give up a few indulgences for our survival, then we have to decide if it's worth it, are we worth it?? I think it's a amall price to pay for being around to play with my grandkids. I wish you the best whatever you decide for yourself...

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I don't know if this is true to eveyrone, but I kept saying , just after.


That it was as if I'd had BRAIN.


Because the interest in those previous hard to manage foods seemed to have been removed from my thinking. It was so welcomed by me, because I felt so depleted, trying to resist the overwhelming cravings I'd dealt with all my adult life! I found I embraced it, and completely enjoyed the HELP..

Of course over time, I COULD eat some of those things again, if I did not choose daily, not to. But, I guess I felt with time, it's become easier to restrain and more to the point, keeping in mind why we have this.


, I don't WANT to go back to that thinking or eating. Make sense?..

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Very good point, patti. Many of us experience dramatic changes in taste..

For me personally, one unexpected result (unexpected only because I hadn't participated here and seen this happen to others) was my perception of 'sweet'. Pre-surgery, it was impossible for me to experience 'too sweet'. Post.


, I still enjoy some sweet, but many things are way too sweet. I consider this change a HUGE benefit and.


It continues...

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Here's a link to my original post on the whole sweet thing....


I really thought I would mourn sweets - they had been such a huge part of my life. But as it turned out.....

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I agree on the perception of sweet. Things I thought were sweet before are now incredibly sweet to me, so much so that I can't even eat them. I guess that's good. :)..

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I handled things the opposite way. I wanted to make sure I could do without the foods I loved before I did anything I stopped drinking Medifast diet Coke as soon as I sent the packet in to the doctor. That was probably my big fear - that I couldn't go the rest of my life without a Medifast diet Coke (I was a huge DC addict). My major.


Prep lasted only a couple months, but I tried to eat like I would after.


As much as possible (mindful meals, no snacking, no alchohol or DC). During that time, I realized that I could do this thing..

I lost 30 pounds in the two months before.


, but I did say goodbye to pizza... Since I was practicing mindful eating at the time I only needed one small slice of pizza to say goodbye...and I said goodbye to the quarter pounder on a day I had to give fasting bloodwork and had to skip breakfast (didn't eat any fries)..

All that said...I think I was really ready to change my life. I was getting so bad that it was either going to be.


Or a wheelchair..


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Is in June sometime, but I have had the same exact thoughts. Right now, I come to this website daily to get fed the word of encouragement. love for Medifast food runs deep. I like to eat and I do think of all the things I will have to change. I know it's worth it though. I want to be proud of myself and more confident and more energetic and more full of life.

I need to stop trying to kill myself with Medifast food and live for once for me..

Stay strong. We're worth it!..

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From Medifast food was very hard to adjust too. It did cause me a lot of grief post GBS, but I was able to get past it and my life has been 100% better since...

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So I just scheduled my.


For the end of March. And since then I have been worrying more and more about missing food. I have been working towards this.


For a year. I know I have Medifast food issues, or I wouldnt need the help of GBS, did anyone else fight the need to get it all in before you cant anymore?..

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Hi there-.

I guess we are in the same boat. My.


Will be hopefully the end of March too. As much as I am going to miss food, I am more afraid that I will give in and eat the same old way. It's like losing a friend. But I guess gaining myself back is a the way to look at it. I WILL have the old me back. I am looking forward to that...

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Grannymat, I don't think you will have the old you back, you will be a new healthly you,..

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I am so there with you. I'm waiting for ins. approval. Think.


With be mid April. For past month I have been eating alot of candy. I feel very anxious about never having Medifast food to help with my emotions again. What will I do?..

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Yes, be careful and try not to eat too much and gain weight before the.


Quite a few people have said that their surgeries were cancelled when that happened. The surgeons want to see that we can.

Lose weight.

And show some retraint. Also, you will be able to eat a lot of things after a couple of months. It's not like you are staying away from Medifast food forever. If you end up like me, you can eat just about anything but in smaller amounts than you did before...

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Thanks Everyone. It is so nice to know that I am not alone. It is weird. I really thought I was ready. I had given up everything- I lost 40 lbs. But as soon as I had a date...I will be caeful not to overdo it.


And am nowhere close to having second thoughts. I really appreciate all the support :)..

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