Throwing a birthday party need recipe ideas or just ideas about the Medifast menu?

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My question is Throwing a birthday party need recipe ideas or just ideas about the Medifast menu? Thanks in advance for any comment. Another question on my mind: This is my question to everyone. I'm 6 weeks post op. is it normal after workouts or a night of.


To have major muscle pains. my shoulder's and lower back just ache. I can't take a warm bath to ease it as I pass out from all.




.Tylenol I can't take as I get ill from it. any idea's would be accepted.i love to work out but end up off my feet for few days after..

Next question: anyone know how long it takes for a vitamin deficiency to show up???.

That it for nowhave great day or night all..

Starting weight 260 lbs.

Current weight 224 lbs.


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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to that question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I bump into an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can answer it..

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Unforuntately yes it is normal. Muscles you haven't used in awhile are getting used so it's a strain. Alway stretch before any type of.


Might use something like icee hot or something before you do stuff to loosen your muscles. you are loosing padding (fat)around bones and muscles and it's gonna hurt til you adjust. My tailbone was the worst. Defintely want to drink as much water as possible when exercising. Some deficiencys take awhile to show up - like calcium- but others quite quickly like Vit D. I was deficient in Vit D bad and I still do sometimes.

What vitamins do you take?..

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I take centrum 50 plus chewable. one a day. b 12 twice a day and.


Citrate 2 times a day..

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Maybe you just need to give your muscles a break and some time to recuperate. Make sure you are getting enough whey isolate protein in ya, too. I think you should treat yourself to a.


, you deserve it!..

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Have you been over doing the.


,be careful as you are still only 6 week post op.we are exsisting on lots less Medifast food in the early days so our muscles suffer, soon after my op I had lots of pains in my leg and calf muscles esp at night, take care,..

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No I doing alot less.

Working out.

When I did more I hurt less. but no energy now to do...

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PAULINE!!!!.. your out.


?!?!?!.. Already... simma down!!.. hehe..

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Yes I try to go.


Every weekend or 2 time a month at least. my kids called sanity weekend for mom..

The bartender knows to keep the cold water coming...

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I weighed 450 before my.


I lost over 200 pounds. You will go through many different transtions. But excercising will help. You must train those muscles that you never used. You will feel better over time. Stay encouraged.

I talk about my lufe before and after the.


To encourage others. I.


It helps...

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My chiropractor said that I may notice more pain in my back after I start losing. You start to carry yourself differently and use different muscles, also your insides are rearranged and that can change things too. In time it should get better, I am going to see my chiro for the first time since.


6 weeks ago this friday and am hoping it will help me. You may want to check your b-12 intake - I am not a doctor but I only take one b-12 sublingal tablet once a week. You are doing a great job at losing weight, but maybe cut back a bit, you just had.



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