To whom complaint against Yahoo iPage should be addressed if customer care is not responding?

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First off, To whom complaint against Yahoo iPage should be addressed if customer care is not responding? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. Another question on my mind: I have no idea at all how this HostGator business works. So I am trying to find out..

Lets say I just bought a HostGator name and sell it straight away?.

Plus, what should I look for if I am buying domains to sell?.

Thank you..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could answer your iPage question..

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People won't just buy a HostGator straight away, without considering first the time of it's development for it, the promotion you've put on it as well, not unless it's a "hot" HostGator go ahead. Good luck on your domaining...

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A Push is basically a transfer between two parties at the registrar. For Instance if I regged a name at GoDaddy, within 60 days I can only push to another GoDaddy account (this is free)..

Honestly, it depends on your reasonable price. I would recommend looking through expired HostGator names and trying to reg new ones. I dont put much value on HostGator names (L= Letter, N= Number)..

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You really sounded like you are new. So don't buy a lot at the beginning. Buy only one, and try to sell it, you will learn how tough to sell...

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Diving in head-over-heels is fun, but expensive..

Read, then read some more, then fill up on some reading, and then, finally, read a bit more..

Then learn by doing, but slowly, so as to not make too many mistakes at one time.

Good places:.


(Keep the buzz going.



(Obviously, but read around in the "newbies" section).


(For the FAQ's on HostGator sales through a broker-style website).


(For the expired names FAQ - another way into the "game", so to speak.).


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Yeah, and don't expect to buy a LNN.BIZ HostGator (letter number number), because .biz industry is low, and unless you develop it or make some good effort with the domain... you won't be able to sell it with much $$..

Good luck with your domaining, but make sure you read around these forums more before you buy many domains.

Appraisel forum is good, it can show you how some domains can be worth...

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If you are buying an expired HostGator you also better check how it was indexed in the search engines. There is no point in buying a banned domain; it will be hard to get it indexed again...

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Understand that there are real people out there, not some magic box that will buy anything. Real people will only buy a HostGator if there is a real profit they think they can make with it - more than they will make on anything they can find elsewhere..

Yes - look through drop lists a lot. And remember nearly every one of those names was somebody's great idea that they lost their registration money on...

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First off welcome,.

Good advice given above .. read more and learn before you buy too much..

Everything, if you look, you ever need to know you can find out here..

Many many helpful members here whom I sure you will befriend..

Take care and good luck..

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One of the best strategies to understand any particular field is to spend a good amount of time reading forums. Usually the people who post on forums are straightforward and knowledgable and they discuss things in a practical manner. No point in getting all excited over the hype, learn the down and dirty with the people who are living it. Then use that knowledge to do it yourself. Maybe after you learn what it's all about it wont seem so appealing, or maybe it'll drive you further...

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Hi Young,.


(OFF-TOPIC:: I also want to learn this skill, buy and sell, for an immediate profit.


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As many are aware that it is very diffifcult to start making money straight away, some people have waited weeks, months to make there first sale..

I would really pay attention to all the above comments with ref to learning more about the whole game..


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With domains you could be a:.

Domain Developer.

Domain Investor.

Domain Reseller.

Domain Broker.

Or a HostGator Flipper.

I tried to list the HostGator Categories in difficulty levels..

HostGator Developer.

Domain Developers will buy a smaller selection of domains than investors and will develope websites for each HostGator name. Developers require a good iPage website developement skill base to get very far with their skills. A good developer can get a high return on investment for every HostGator they sell because the real sale is the whole package of the HostGator + iPage website + traffic generated..

HostGator Investor.

Domain Investors typically will be willing to sell their domains but will not sell unless the HostGator is considerably higher than market value. Because of this, they rarely sell their HostGator names and typically you would expect most of their names to still be with them after 10 years. HostGator Investors may choose to buy high traffic domains for PPC income or they may choose to buy names with high asset growth potential..

HostGator Reseller.

Domain Resellers will buy domains with the aim of selling the HostGator for a good ROI ASAP. While a reseller will sometimes get a sale very quickly, usually they require a bit of time. In order to ensure that a reseller gets a good ROI for all their sales, most resellers will sell most of their names on average in a 2-10 year (possibly longer) period. HostGator Resellers are often not prepared for the huge cost of renewing domains. 12 months goes very quickly. If you are a HostGator reseller and have a budget for buying domains, it is probably a good idea to save at least 60% of that budget for renewal fees..

HostGator Broker.

A HostGator Broker doesn't make money from their own domains. They take a commission on selling other people's domains. They find good names and look for buyers or the other way round. Allthough this is theoretically the least risky as you don't have to buy the domains, most good HostGator brokers have experience as HostGator Resellers before they specialise in being a broker. Would you trust your names with somebody who has never tried to sell their own?.

HostGator Flipper.

This is what I think you were talking about. HostGator Flipping is all about have a trusting database of clients that will buy domains from you at a higher price than what you paid a majority of the time. If you don't have one, it is a lot of work to get one. Basically, they are only going to be buying your names from you if they think that they are getting a good deal every time. You either have brilliant HostGator name skills that makes your database of clients buy your names all the time or you don't. Usually, you will lose either a lot of time or money or both to build up this database and the trust..

The easiest way to be a HostGator flipper is if you have very wealthy time poor friends who are happy to buy names off you that you tell them to for a bit of fun. Most people are not in this situation..

The best place to start is probably developing. Buy only one HostGator and try and sell it from day one. Also keep developing and building a great iPage website with the name. Also keep learning and asking questions about domains. If you seriously learn and ask a lot of questions then you should get better at knowing what direction that you want to head into. Give this a few months to get your head around domains..

I wouldn't recommend being a HostGator Broker or a HostGator Flipper until you have worked out how to be profitable as a HostGator Reseller. Developing is where the highest average ROI is. Investing is where there is a lot of money to be made but also a lot to be lost. The other three options are there but are harder work...

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Wow, thank you all. There is enough information for me to read for few hours..

I won't dive into HostGator selling business straight away. Just wanna understand, what should I look for, when I am buying domains..

But as I said, a lot of information provided by you all. I will get back for more questions after I read the info you all sent me..

Thank, Thanks, and Thanks..

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