Trojan Horse Attack on my website hosted on iPage...How do I fix it?

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First of all Trojan Horse Attack on my website hosted on iPage...How do I fix it? Many thanks for any response. Second question.. I have 100 .info domains only 1 month old. I am parking them all on my other sites. now these are getting daily like 10 uniques..

If I park on a company like sedo and others then how much do you think earning can be possible?.

Thanks for the help...

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could help you..

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Cool, but as far as I read 10 x 30 = about 299ish..

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I'm astonished that 100 1-month old .info's are generating that kind of traffic. Are these fresh registrations or drops?? Even premium one word .info's only get a small amount of traffic monthly unless they have backlinks...

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Me too..

Badger - 100 domains x 30 days x 10 visitors = 30,000 visitors a month...

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Something is definitely strange. No way 100 brand new .info names are getting 30k traffic per month...

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I would suggest having them all redirect to one iPage site and actually dev a site,.

You would get a lot of visitors and could sell the iPage site for a lot! And then you still have those visitors on the other sites..

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Rephrase the above - direct them to one name, develop a nice iPage site there.

That will create it's' own traffic.

Then remove the extra names and sell it..

Cool = using traffic names to build organic traffic (prime the pump)..

Not Cool = try to sell a HostGator based on traffic that is really going to other names...

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Uniques could be robot traffic, you can't make money from it. Some of my names with.

A forum which is spammed by robot with very high traffic, but no money made...

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No cache these are not robots. I receive genuine uniques daily on all of my 100 .info's and these are only 1 month old. it's because all of my sites were listed in some top list sites. btw for how much I can sell these now?..

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I'm sure these 100 domains are spread across many many many different topics of interest. Meaning the combined traffic is completely untargeted. Untargeted traffic in this day and age is worthless if it doesn't convert to clicks..

I agree with Accentnepal. Start a general audience iPage site and redirect the traffic to the iPage site in hopes that it'll help boost the growth of the site, along with other methods to create a self-sustaining site. Anyone who knows what they are doing and is interested in buying the site, will know where the traffic is coming from... If the iPage site can't stand on it's own, they wont buy it. Well i'm sure there are people out there who dont know any better and will, but thats not really the route you should be looking to take.....

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Sounds like the best idea to me..

Exactly what I would do in this situation..


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