Trying a iPage address to look up but keep gettin "can't find it Why?

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Got a question... Trying a iPage address to look up but keep gettin "can't find it Why? Thanks for any answer. My 2nd question... Okay,.

So I need a very important HostGator for a company that one of my relatives works for. I have no way to contact the HostGator /img/avatar4.jpg..

First off, he lives in Germany. I call the administrative contact in Germany and a woman picks up. I keep asking her for the person on the WHOIS, and she says something in German that sounds like "No" or "Does not live here anymore". I contact the email address in the WHOIS information and it bounces within a few seconds..

Now the only option I had left was to contact their registrar, which is, a German-based registrar. I call them and ask for English, the person told me that they have the same phone number and email on file for the client and that there is no way they can contact him for me..

Now what can I possibly do? I reported invalid WHOIS via and told them it was urgent, explaining the entire situation to them. But will that do anything? Will they take action even though the HostGator isn't with GoDaddy?.

What are my options?..

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can answer it..

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This is what my email says:.

The one I reported took 5 days for someone to update the details..

I'm not sure if they notify you before the drop/delete as I never got that far. Maybe someone else can tell you...

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There's no specific time frame..

Once the registrar gets the invalid WHOIS report from ICANN, it's up to them.

How they'll treat it. And they're not going to tell 3rd parties what happens..

This I do know: they'll give the registrant and contacts time to reply, within a.

Week or 2 maybe. If no response, they'll "suspend" the HostGator name at the.

Very least..

If yet no reponse after another week or 2, that's when they'll do as they see.

Fit. But again, there's no telling what they'll do...

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Why not contact sedo as they are fluent in german and maybe one of their brokers can make contact for you, seems a little strong to report the whois invalid unless you are 100% sure what the lady on the phone said...

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Well today is basically 7 days from my complaint to ICANN..

I visit the HostGator and now the registrar put up a "Service suspended for this domain." page. Seems as if the registrar has took action, received no response from buyer, and suspended the domain..

But now what? Will they let the HostGator drop? How long will it take from this point? And what do I do if they don't drop the HostGator within 2 weeks?..

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Ideally they'll delete the HostGator name. In reality they're free to do with it as.

They please..

Like I said, they won't tell 3rd parties. But one possible way to find out is to.

Look through their legal fine prints for even a hint..

If they do delete the HostGator name after some time, it follows the redemption.

Period thingie..

On the side, I wrote of such an extreme case in my iPage blog somewhere. What.

Made it extreme is the registrar seems to refuse to redeem it for it's customer.

Because it was reported for such more than once in a given year...

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Thanks for the insight Dave..

How much longer do you think it may take the registrar to put the HostGator into redemption period? And what/where is the legal fine print?..

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It has been nearly 6 months since the complaint I have sent to ICANN. The HostGator still has the page "Domain Service Terminated" written in German. The owner has dissappeared but the registrar is not deleting it or doing anything to the domain..

Today I check whois and the Registrar Status changed from Registrar-Lock to clientDeleteProhibited. The expiration date is April 2007. Am I forced to wait until this date? I've already waited 6 months, I can probably end up dealing with another 6...

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That means the HostGator name's suspended at the very least. Only the provider.

In question can say what's it's status (which again they don't have to tell 3rd.


The provider's legal fine prints (e.g. service agreement, terms of service, etc.).

Can possibly give you hints. Otherwise, you'll have to keep checking and lying.

In wait...

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