Uploading database onto iPage msql?

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Quick question: Uploading database onto iPage msql? Looking forward for any comment. Second question.. So, I have had a few customers that have written reviews ask me to take them down. This was because they noticed that it gave their full name by every review they wrote..

Is there a way to edit this so that it only shows the first name?.

Ex, instead of by: John Doe, it shown only by: John, or by: John D..

Any help is welcome..



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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an useful answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can help you..

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Or to have it like "Carine B.".

   tep_db_query("insert into "TABLE_REVIEWS" (products_id, customers_id, customers_name, reviews_rating, date_added) values ('"(int)$HTTP_GET_VARS['products_id']"', '"(int)$customer_id"', '"tep_db_input($customer['customers_firstname'])' 'tep_db_input(substr($customer['customers_lastname'],0,1)'.')"', '"tep_db_input($rating)"', now())");.

Also on line 154 it then should show the same while filling out the review form:.

               <td class="main"><?php echo '<b>'SUB_TITLE_FROM'</b> 'tep_output_string_protected($customer['customers_firstname']' 'substr($customer['customers_lastname'], 0, 1)'.'); ?></td>..

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None of these ideas work. I've completely deleted any refernce to the word "Lastname" and it still shows it. How do you erase the last name?..

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All of these ideas worked on my site.

Be explicite, where do you see the last name; when you create a review comment or when you look at existing reviews ? .

What to do you want ? Not store the last name at all ? .

The instructions above store the full details; but only display the initial...

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And on approx. line 154.

(...) tep_output_string_protected($customer['customers_firstname']' '$customer['customers_lastname']); ?></td>.

Looks like this afterwords:.

(...) tep_output_string_protected($customer['customers_firstname']); ?></td>.

Also in product_review_write.php!..

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I would like to have only the first name on the actual catalog/reviews.php page. The page that shows ALL reviews. I would like to know how to remove the last name and add more than one line on the actual review?? I've searched and can only find answer for the "review box" not the actual reviews. The only way I can remove the last name is to shorten the amount of letters allowed for the 1st and last name in the database. I limited it to 10 letters for the whole name so now it shows up like "John Montg" instread of "John Montgomery" I want it to be just "John".


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The code submitted by bruyndoncx works great, but it will not change your existing reviews. It only works on the reviews posted after the change..

Thank you Bruyndoncx!!!!.


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I'm confused....

What "review page are we talking about??.

I'm referring to the catalog/review.php page...

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Well I've tried all of those changes/mods to the code and it doesn't do anything. I'll try it again and see what happens...

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Hi guys.

I think the confusion is over the existing reviews..

After you apply the code, you will not have the full last name for the newly created reviews, however in your database, you still have the existing reviews with the full customer name recorded..

To get rid of these, most easy is to use phpmyadmin and edit them one by one, or if it's really a lot, you'd have to create a sql update script to do just that. (the fast route would be to update all of them to e.g. anonymous)..

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