Use Gmail for a website hosted with iPage?

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First off, Use Gmail for a website hosted with iPage? Thanks in advance for any comment. My other question... Hello,.

After several failed attempts to renew my domains and being tired of waiting for registerfly to respond to my support tickets and emails, I decided to transfer my domains to other registrar. I ordered a bulk transfer package. Everything is fine, except registerfly won't send me an auth code which I need to verify my transfer. When I look at whois, I find this:.

Does it mean registerfly doesn't allow me to transfer my domains? How do I change my HostGator status? How do I get that auth code?.

Some of my domains are going to expire in about two weeks, so I really need to solve this problem as soon as possible..

The worst part is that some of these expiring domains are being used for my active websites. If I lose any of these domains, I will have a huge loss - I been working on building traffic for almost a year now. After reading several stories how people lost their domains due to registerfly fault, I'm really losing my hope here..

What should I do?..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably know..

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Thanks. It is definitely useful for me after 2 months...

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If this is the case, solution is even simpler, free push to Enom. He should contact Enom for this (if he didn't already received an email from Enom about this)...

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But, works for me. Not sure whether the previous owner did so. because, I got it 2 weeks back..

That's clever...

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Yes - HostGator is unlocked. I restarted the transfer, will see if it helps..

Edited: I just got another email from godaddy - "Transfer Request Failed", suggesting to contact current registrar to find out why the transfer was rejected. And as we all know, registerfly won't respont to any support requests....

I clicked on "Manage domains" in the toolbar, then on one of the domains I want to transfer. I didn't find "edit whois", only "Domain Contact Information", so I clicked on that. I see all my contact information here - Registrant, Tech, Admin, AuxBilling, but I can't find any auth code here..

About enom - I opened registerfly account on March, 2006. I heard that they're accredited by ICANN since February, 2006. So I gess all of my registerfly domains are registered via registerfly, not enom? In this case there is no way I can get a free enom push...

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I just requested a transfer out of Registerfly, I will let you know if it will pass through..

I have the authorization code just at the bottom of that page, for all domains I checked. It is at the very bottom of the page, after all contact data...

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Godaddy suggested to contact the Registry for .COM HostGator names - VeriSign..

I will do that asap...

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The problem with mine is that whois shows enom, as it was regged years ago when they were an enom reseller..

The other few domains I have there show the auth code..

Unfortunately, no replies for the auth code, so I cants transfer to Enom, as you need the auth code, you can not push...

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Good luck to all of you domains holders @ RF..

I have 8 domains with RF that are in "Pending Registar Approval" mode since 2-10-07. One of these domains is my corporate business account..

I did speak with RF CS today and they stated that it was a server problem and they are working on it, should be fixed by the end of the day...but who knows.....

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After several days of trying, I still haven't transfered the domains. However, today I finally got the auth codes, so I'm hoping things will start moving soon. I have only one week left..

And one funny yet sad thing - a couple of days ago I got an email from registerfly stating that my domains were renewed. They were not. When I check whois record I still see the old date...

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Just a quick update. I finally got my domains transfered.

Thanks for your help guys. Especially thanks to Constantin who helped me via via PM's I really appreciate it, I wish I could add more rep for you..

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It was a pleasure for me to help you!.

I can also report more successfully transfers out of Registerfly, I think most of the trasnfer issues are gone now...

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Anyone able to get auth codes by email when they were not displayed at the bottom?.

Anyone got ANY reply from regfly?.


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No, they didn't respond at all. At first, I didn't find any autch codes in the bottom of the page but few days later I did..

Godaddy suggested to contact VeriSign (the registry for .com domains) in case registerfly fails to provide an AUTH code...

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