Vegetarians...what vegetarian option do you NOT want to see on a Medifast menu?

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First off, Vegetarians...what vegetarian option do you NOT want to see on a Medifast menu? Many thanks for any response. Another question on my mind: Hi, i'm new here and i'm not sure how to navigate this site yet and I think I have put this is several different places. I heard about the gastric sleeve and thought this was the answer to my prayers, now I think it is being denied because they say it is still "investigational" a gal from my doctors office called to say it was denied, but when I called my HMO they said it is still being reviewed?? that's a little strange, i'm almost positive they will approve the bypass but i'm afraid of the complication, has anyone else gone through this, what would you do? would you do the RNY?? any thoughts or advice would be GREATLY appreciated, thanks in advance, J..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could answer your Medifast question..

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I had the RNY about 7 months ago. I wanted the.

Lap band.

But, like peach, my doctor recommended the RNY because of my health issues. I had no complications at all and am down 100+ lbs. I feel great and my insurance paid for everything. That being said, everyone is different. You need to do your.


And make the decision that is right for you..

Best of luck...

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They were right about the sleeve being new and most companies dont pay for it.. my surgeon that did my RNY had the sleeve done and is now teaching the sleeve to other Doc's. I guess ya go with what is covered... I know some companies dont pay for all the after care of the band.. with all the frequent fills and such.....

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Hi J.,.

My doctor wanted the sleeve and if ins. wouldnt pay, the rny. Anthem blue cross wouldnt pay for sleeve. I had the rny in June 09 and am down over 100lbs. I had a post-operative was there the whole time , not from the.


I would do it again. My quality of life is greatly improved, thats an understatement! I feel better able to meet the challenges I have in my life. I have the personal confidence of knowing I have done it, and continue to every day. It is a new life. I would tell you the biggest thing it seems to me is personal responsibility. We all rush around,.

Helping others.

, but often do not give ourselves what we need. Even a good excuse like.

Helping others.

, is still an excuse. I struggle with making sure I take care of me too!.



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I had wanted the sleeve to start with, but my insurance specialist told me I would be denied at first because it is still so new. She said we could work on it and eventally could get it approved. It would take about another year. I had already been working on this for a year. She told me she could get me approved for the RNY now. I made the choice of the RNY, because I did not want to wait any longer.


Is scheduled for March 8th. You just need to really look everything over and decide what it is you need and how long you want to wait....Good luck.....

This was at Vanderbilt in Nashville,TN using Cigna Insurance...

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Hi Phonegal,.

I was in the same boat as you, wanted the sleeve, but it was denied by my insuranace. I didn't feel as though I wanted them doing any more.


Than was necessary as I'm 67 years old. I did some.


And decided I wanted the.


Badly enough to go ahead with the RNY. My.


Was 7 weeks ago and I'm so happy with my choice. I've not had ANY problems and I feel wonderful. I'm down 30+ lbs. Like the others, you have to decide for yourself, but I would do it all over again..

Good luck with your decision.


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Thank you to all of you for your advice and best wishes, i'm really glad I found you guys and I will keep you posted, am enjoying.


All about you guys, I have done so much.


On the sleeve, so it's almost like starting over, again, thanks for the kind encouragement, J..

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I had the RNY on Sept. 23, 2009...........and the only regret I have is that I didn't do it several years ago..

I haven't had any complications, have only been sick 4 times am down 97 lbs.........and feel and look great..

I didn't have the health issues that most people only things were 100 plus lbs overweight,.


Apnea and I have a rare neuro-muscular disease..

My insurance approved my.


In less than 2 days of receiving my information from my Drs. office. For the person that approved me I'm so thankful and wish I could thank them personally......that person, whoever it is truly saved my life..

Good luck and welcome to our group..


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I hadn't heard of the sleeve before I got my RNY. I wanted the band but my surgeon pointed out that I was the type to cheat and she was so right. I do cheat and suffer the consequences which is why I have successfully lost 130 lbs with only 9 more lbs to reach my goal. I think the sleeve will become more and more popular as it becomes less 'new'. I do not regret getting the RNY for me though. This tool is working for me now matter how hard I try to sabotage myself..

Keep us posted for sure and Welcome to DS...

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I had the RNY and am VERY happy I chose this procedure. It was the best thing for me. I was going to have the.

Lap band.

But like up north guy have to pay for all the after care like fills etc..

I had my.


On Dec, 2 of 2008 and to this day have lost over 208lbs. I feel so much better now and cannot believe I had second thoughts about this.


You must choose a good doctor though and do your.


...make sure they really know their stuff! Choose a center pf excellence..

Best of wishes for your endeavors~.


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.