Vegetarians...what vegetarian option do you want to see on a Medifast menu?

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My 1st question is: Vegetarians...what vegetarian option do you want to see on a Medifast menu? Looking forward for any response. Second question.. HI. I will be post 0p one week tomorrow. I am having a hard time getting enough protein in. start the day out good with shake but by the time I get one in I am so full and can't hardly get anything else down the rest of the day. any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could answer your Medifast question..

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Your not expected to get all your protien in to start. Making sure your getting your liquid in is most important right now. Do what you can for protien..then just keep adding in little bits as you go. At the start I remember napping alot and having just little bits every 20 minutes or so when I was awake..

It gets easier......

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Be patient. Little by little you will be able to get more protein as well as more water. You might want to Google "bariatric foods". There you will find various on-line sources for high protein foods you can order that are made just for us like puddings, cocoa,snacks, and bars. I especially like the cocoa because I find hotter drinks are easier for me to get down than regular liquids...

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Honestly...Im almost 4 weeks post op and I STILL dont get my protein in I'm sure. The protein powder makes me gag. Ive tried shakes, putting it in my milk, applesauce and yogurt. I even tried just spooning it in with some juice. I just cant seem to take it. Ive tried both flavored and non flavored.

I dont really know what to do anymore.....

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I found mixing a whey-isolate protien shot into a large sipper bottle of water was a great way to get more protien in. They are not "heavy" like shakes and allow you to get good fluids and protien at the same time. Try different flavors one at a time before investing in a box. There is also a liquid protien called Isopure which tastes very good. Make sure the protien in these products is whey isolate and are low or no carb...

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I found a liquid protein at my health Medifast food store. Made by genesis and it has 15 g of protein per 1 tbs it is kind of flavored orange and it's no where near as bad as whey and protein shakes. It was a lil costly but, it's really worth it too me it was 45$ but, you have to live on protein... anyway if you would like a pic of the bottle let me know it's really saving my life lol..

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Let's not forget about the lil' protein shots...they work great and are a super high level of protein...sooo...these do give you a lot of bang for your buck as well!:).


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Also you can add powdered milk to your regular milk to boost the protein.. I have tried it and it's not bad. If you cant stand the shakes this may help. Being that you are only a week out.. sip that shake all day.. it will be awhile before you can get in a lot..

It sorta expands. Just try and get it a little more each day.. the water and vitamins are what's most importand the first few weeks. Good Luck!! Also.. maybe dont blend the shake at first..

Try just stirring it into the milk.. it is less "heavy" that way.....

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Don't worry about protein at 1 week out,concentrate on getting better and getting water in.It will all come in

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Thanks everyone for all the advice. Only thing is I am snowed in and cant get to town to try any of these other things. but as soon as I can I know I will be trying some new things. again thanks so much for all the advice...

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