Virtualized private hosting / dedicated resource hosting vs. iPage?

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First of all Virtualized private hosting / dedicated resource hosting vs. iPage? Hoping for any response. Another question I got... Why don't some registrars (e.g. Moniker) support UK HostGator extensions (,, etc.)? Is there really no money to be had in them, or is there some other reason?..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an useful answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you help..

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You'll have to email Moniker and ask.. transfers are quite easy so there should be no problem...

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And there's your answer..

Basic economic principle of supply and demand...

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Really? I was told that the British registry requires paperworks to be completed and faxed for every transfer (which I tend to like, as it is one more protection versus theft). Has that policy changed recently then?.

I am about to reg my first .uk domain, so wouldn't know how it was before.....

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You don't need to do the paperwork for a transfer to a different registrar (Moniker, 1and1, etc.), but for a change of registrant you will need to. (i.e. if you sold the HostGator to me).

Check out.

For more info. Some of the terminology is changing soon too so it might be good to get a peek while the old terms are up there!..

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Is there some special rule against private HostGator registration for domains? Have been told by GoDaddy that their service can be used for .co.uks, but not .org.uks...

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Thanks for the reply. Have queried with another registrar but am still waiting for a response...

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So paperworks are required to change registrant/domain owner? Nice, extra security that more TLDs should have!.

However, how does Nominet know that if I push a from one registrar to another, that that other registrar's account is mine as well (and that I'm not giving the HostGator to another owner)?..

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They don't. So you'll still be the owner of the domain, even if you aren't in control of it...

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Quality. I always liked paperworks and regret it's not available with no registrars for .com and other gTLDs. It slows down transferring but for my personal-use domains (= domains I'm not intending to sell) I'd see it as a welcome extra protection against potential HostGator theft...

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Have been told by Moniker that Nominet prohibits private registration of .org.uks..

Have been told by Nominet that they don't..

Will try Moniker again...

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They definitely don't prohibit it. A lot of UK based registrars sell them, and I know several websites owned by a private person (not linked to any organisation) who use

You basically have the chouce:,, none have any restrictions.

Only things like and are restricted to a certain group of organisations...

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Sorry, I should clarify: by "private registration" I meant the whois protection / anonymous registration-type services offered by some registrars...

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Nominet has a built-in system that allows you to hide your details in any case. This only applies however if you aren't using the name to make money, i.e. e-commerce, parking etc..

Some silly rule about how all businesses need to have their contact information readily available...

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The HostGator in question is in use for an informational iPage site with AdSense on it, so doesn't qualify for the opt-out you refer to. For unusual reasons, I need to anonymise the site. If anyone knows of a registrar that does anonymous registration for .org.uks, please either post here or PM me...

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