Virus hiding my program files, start Medifast menu, everything!!?

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My first question is Virus hiding my program files, start Medifast menu, everything!!? Hoping for any response. My other question... I am age 65 and getting ready to set a.


Date for bypass - anyone out there at my age? Any advice for an "older" person?..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can help you..

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Thanks so much for responding. I'm supposed to meet with my surgeon in a couple of weeks (they don't have the exact date yet) but I'm not sure if I should have the "sleeve" or the "bypass'. I am having to pay for this myself - my insurance refuses. So I have to get this right! This seems like a great site. I have about 75 pounds to lose...

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Hi trish. I am 52, somewhat younger than you but still no spring chicken :).

I think the most immediate thing I would mention is that it MIGHT take a bit longer for you to recover. It did for me - something I attribute to a combination of age and diabetes. I went back to work after 2 weeks - I wish I had been financially able to take a month off but that just wasn't possible..

So plan to give yourself time to heal. and do not become discouraged if you do not pop back as quickly as a 20 or 30-something. I didn't. For me, it was about a month before I started to get fully back in the game. Expect to be tired a lot the first month. Make sure your doctors are closely monitoring your hemaglobin levels - typically, your GBS team will check during your hospital stay and at one week post-surgery.

Sooner if you are feeling so tired that you cannot walk frequently or get the required water you need..

Also, do you have an immediate support structure in place (spouse, family, close friends)?..

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THanks for the reply. Yes I have a wonderful husband. I'm worried about my age and most worried about which type to have - bypass or the sleeve. As I say, since we are paying for this out of pocket I have to get this right. I don't think there is much data on the sleeve - it's too new. OK, I will stay on top of the hemaglobin levels - wasn't aware of that.

Thanks everyone...

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Well I'm not too far away....I'm 53...and definitely an "older" patient. You will find there are several of us that kept thinking we could do it ourselves and didn't need.


....hmmmm, and here we are..

Share some with us. Concerns? How you've come to this point. Etc..


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I was 53 when I had my GBS and losing the weight makes me feel 20 years younger. My blood pressure is normal now and I can walk without back and knee pain. As for advice, I recommend following your doctor's advice carefully...

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My Mom will be 73 this month and she had the.


Last year one day after me...she has lost 150lbs and is LOVING does keep you younger! Best of wishes to you!.


PS> Her name is EnnergizerBunny Helen..

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Karla - that makes me feel great that your mom was 73 when we had it done - and I love her "name" - did she have the bypass? Does anyone know anything about the gastric sleeve? My.


Date is scheduled for 31st of March - I'm trying to figure everything out. I am supposed to meet with my surgeon in a couple of weeks and I'm thinking she will lead me in the correct direction concerning the specific type of.


- I am steering away from the band and keep going back and forth on the sleeve or the bypass. I am just so excited to be healthier. I have strugged with the weight all my life. The thing that got me "going" on this finally (I have thought about it for the past 4 years) is that I saw someone I had not seen for 2 years and couldn't believe the change in her - she had had bypass - what a difference. I do know that it is a "tool" and that it can't do everything so I'm trying to mentally get myself charged up to remember that too. Thanks for all of the responses. A great group here...

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I'm 65 and 6 weeks out. I had a pretty easy time and am no longer diabetic, no longer have high blood pressure and am waiting for my.


Apnea to go away as the lbs keep dropping off. I'm so glad I did this. wish you all the luck...

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I have a friend who had the sleeve. She did very well lost the weight just like the bypass only the reason she had the sleeve is because you don't have the problems with mal absorbsion that you sometimes have with the bypass. My suggestion is do your homework and the information is out there. Until she had hers I hadn't even known there was another way it seems like the best but that is just my opionion. Good luck..........

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I am age 65 and getting ready to set a.


Date for bypass - anyone out there at my age? Any advice for an "older" person?..

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I'm 60, and had an RNY bypass 18 days ago, like you my 'goal is about 75 lbs. Actually my goal is an A1c of 5.6 - I'm diabetic. But the surgeon wanted a number for weight so I picked one I had been comfortable with some years ago. Recovery has been a little slower for me when I compare to some of the others who had.


About the same time, I still hurt. Weight loss is also a little slower, I'm down 18 lbs - but that may be more a function of how much you need to lose than age. I don't have any real mobility issues, but a half mile on the treadmill needs to be done in two segments and really tires me out alot more than it did before.



Would I do it again, in a heartbeat, but only because the blood sugar numbers are finally coming down..


PS I think that the.


Will age your appearance some. Fat under our facial skin kept wrinkles away...when it goes they come. My face looks good, but it's on top of this neck that I can't identify - I think it belongs to some old turkey out there...

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Lin - 18 pounds down in 18 days - excellent! - Yes, that is one worry I have about.


Aging your appearance - but I guess I have to be more concerned with the health issue...

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Paatiwack - glad you are doing so well. Makes me feel relieved that at 65 you are saying you are so glad you have done this. Did you have the bypass? I snore so loud my family can hardly stand it - so I'm hoping the snoring will go away...

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Hi Trish4, I was 65 when I had the.


About 11 months ago and I made out great! No problems, exc. periodic constipation. I had about decided to have the sleeve, because of the malabsorption deal, but found out that my insurance wouldn't cover the sleeve, because it was still too new and didn't have enough follow-up data yet. Since that doesn't seem to be a player in your case, I would do as others have said and look carefully into both. As far as I could tell, it seemed that the sleeve would do the same as they rny, but with less overall hassle. I, too, had one chance to "get it right" and I fully believe that for me, rny was the way to go. I pray God's wisdom and blessings on you as you move forward to really "take control"!..

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I must be out of the loop but what is the sleeve? I know of the band and the RNY, which I had, but never heard of the sleeve? I was always told if you have less than 100 lbs to lose the band is usually better but if you have more than 100 or even 200 RNY is best. Those who have alot of weight to lose tend to lose lots faster and those who have less to lose tend to be slower but thats not a bad thing. Thats all from what I've gathered from those I've known who done both. I'd love hear more about the sleeve just for the info. Goodluck on whichever you decide. Just.



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Marmella thanks so much for your post it makes me feel so much better when someone my age has had the gastric.


Without complications. I am going to be a self-pay - my insurance will NOT pay a cent of this - they have a clause for no obesity.


And no obesity anything so that's one worry I have is that if I have any complications this will be on me to pay for complications - but I think most people don't have complications so I'm counting on being one of those. Yes this is costing me alot of money but the health issues I have is also costly and so that is how I am justifying this.


I am scheduled for the.


March 31 and meet with the surgeon March 25 and.


At that time the surgeon will lead me in the right direction on choosing either the RNY or the vertical sleeve. All the best to you -..

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I think it's wonderful you are taking this step..

This will probably add years to your life with a quality you will not have had otherwise..

You really seem to want some guidance with your decision..

I am not a doctor but I would make the easiest choice with the least hassle ;).

But that is just my opinion..

I am sure your doctor will help you make the right decision..

Best of luck :)..

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I was 62 and had RNY. Had no complications and have now lost 140 lbs and am not only much lighter but feel so much younger. It has been over 2 yrs and have not regretted it for a moment. I am sure that your surgeon will give you all the pros and cons and lead you in the right direction. I have no problems with Medifast food and just feel so much better. Best wishes to you. Nancy..

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Hi trish :)) i'm also having my.


On March 31st. I 'm 56 yrs and I need to lose 110 lbs.Good luck on you decision.Keep in touch..

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I had GBS 1 month after my 57th birthday. I had 80 pounds to lose and have lost 63 so far (4 1/2 months postop). I have a friend at work who had the sleeve and has done great but he's only in his early 30s, I also believe he had well over 100 pounds to lose. He says he doesn't have any issues with dumping and absorption. I haven't "dumped" yet but I also don't eat anything that might cause me to. I think I've read or seen that sometimes they will do the sleeve for "pre" GBS for severely overweight people and then do the GBS after they have lost enough weight to safely do the GBS.

I know the sleeve is newer but I believe it will end up being more common as the years of data come in. Good luck and keep us posted...

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