Visa gift card web hosting Godaddy, iPage.?

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Got a quick question: Visa gift card web hosting Godaddy, iPage.? Looking forward for any answer or 2. Another question... It's been a looooong time since I've even looked at expiring names. I do well enough with expired names costing $7 that I thought it was kind of a waste to go after names costing at least $60, usually a lot more for the ones I really wanted. I was just curious if generic names with traffic are pretty much impossible to get even a decent rate on, or if some of them do go for reasonable prices here and there. I'm tempted to try for some, but would rather not waste my time if BD and other big buyers always put them out of reach for normal domainers...

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you an answer..

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I've given up on Snap and Pool completely. I've found even if I have the money to spend, other people are willing to pay more than I am for a domain. Apparently others are less risk averse than I am...

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I gave up with Pool - it's not easy going at snap but at least on the odd occation when theres not many people in it you can get some decent names, sometimes just for the $60 if no one else notices it dropping (or don't like it lol).

To give you an idea what it's like -.

Just the last 40 names.

I have tried to backorder at snap have a combined selling price of.

$ 261,944.

But I did win 4 out of that which is more than normal (although one was way more than what I'de usually go to)..

Thats just from 23-Mar-2007 to today.

They definetly have some nice names drop thats for sure.


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Nah, I know what it is. When I was at DomainFest, I played cash poker up in the presidential suite in the "exclusive" party they had up there. I don't recall exactly who was playing, except that I believe the one guy that especially kept betting a lot was the CEO of Enom. The cash game was $100, and of course to him that's probably an hour's worth of passive earnings at least, whereas $100 was a lot to me. I kept having to fold, and maybe folded the winning hand a couple of those times, not because I was outplayed, but because a little bit of money was worth more to me than to him, and so his risk was minimal compared to mine..

Same thing with backorders...the people/entities bidding super high on those names are obviously rich beyond our wildest dreams, and so it's simply less risk to them than to us..

That said, it sounds like it's pretty much as I figured. I still think there's value to just going through names and putting backorders on decent names months in advance so that you start off as the winning bidder. I backed into and at $60 apiece from doing that, and if I recall correctly, I sold that for $200 and have made the money back from on PPC already not to mention the name quality on that one. Sure, from the time I backordered them to the time I realized a profit on them was several months, but it's an interesting thought for the long term..

Yea, the one and only name I bidded up and actually won was It was the most I had ever spent on a name at that point, and wasn't the kind of name I originally envisioned spending that kind of money on, even though I do really like the name. Still, I entered into it at less than half what the final bid wound up being, and got stuck in a bidding war with 1 freaking person all the way til the was lame. So I can say I've never had a positive experience come out of a SnapNames AUCTION. I've had positive experiences out of being the first of several to backorder a decent name that winds up being uncontested...

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Absolutely! It's been that way for several years already. You aren't going to get any $60 bargains at SnapNames or Pool anymore. Any name which is even worth considering get many bidders and prices are bid way up. I'd say it isn't worth the effort if your bargain hunting, Steve...

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