Visitor traffic capacity for a website designed using Wordpress and hosted with iPage?

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First of all Visitor traffic capacity for a website designed using Wordpress and hosted with iPage? Looking forward for any comment. My other question... The problem is that the HostGator market is not as liquid as stock market, it is not.

Well regulated either. So the risk is high. However, you never know, it is also possible.

You will read news in the future that "domainspade being a newly made billionaire"..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could answer your iPage question..

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Alan is right..

My advice would be have a solid business plan, including how much you would need, and what, exactly that money will be spent on..

There are plenty of people who are willing to invest money if it's a solid plan and that spreads the risk..

One of the easiest ways to gain investment is a tabletop pitch to family members and friends. If it's a solid plan and you can show enough experience, they will go for it...

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I would class a 15k HostGator as a HostGator costing 15 thousand dollars.....

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My is for sale for $15k, then..

(I love dentalpro - I'm just being contrarian.).


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Looking back, having 25k three years ago to spend on quality domains would have made you money today, seeing how prices have gone up..

If you can afford the loan, then quality domains are probably one of the best investments to make these days. You earn 'interest' daily on the traffic, plus you still hold the value of the domain. It's like renting a house you've bought, but not dealing with renters, fix-ups, maintenance, etc..

Take the time to find the right domain(s). Don't rush into it. Make sure they are traffic domains to guarantee some daily income right away..

For that amount I would try to deal through Moniker or a very reputable registrar to hold the domains. You don't even have to use the full 25k, do you? You could just go for 10k or 15k, to lessen the risk..

I see no reason not to think that quality domains won't be worth more in three years. The internet is here to stay, and will only be used more. Like Frank Schilling said in his blog, domains are NOT duplicable, but iPage website content is..

We all should have been plowing our money into domains in the past, like between 2001 to 2003..

I still think the majority of the populations, and businesses, don't know the importance of a HostGator name. It's still early times..

Good luck in your decision!..

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Correct, I can take out any amount upto $25k - But I was more curious what other people thought of the concept and how they would approach it. And Ive gotten some great responses here, and several people are thinking along the same lines as me. I just need to continue to do some more research on potential targets and directions I would like to go in, then I will consider the loan..

Thans all!..

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I'd start with this. If it goes bad, who else is going to be affected. Make sure you have their support..

My attitude is that in life you should take your bigger risks when your young as you usually have less to lose. My style of approach is to do things on a small scale as a test and then a larger scale when the test has past and then a larger scale, etc... I try and have some method scientific approach to my budget and how I spend. (Lots of testing and measuring).

I rely on evidence of what I have achieved in the past to justify increases in spending for the future. Maybe it would be good to talk with some trusted people and show them what you've achieved in the past and get feedback on whether they think you can rely on your talents to spend the money shrewdly enough to benefit from the investment...

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I would only borrow it if I was prepared to loose it all..

I think that even with about $10,000 to play with in the snap drops you could make some great $100 to $300 buys, if you get a lucky day when "the usuals" are not there on a decent name then push your limit a bit more.

Decide your limit before bidding starts and stick to it....easier said than done !.

A hundred dollar buy can soon end up a $x,xxx sale but it takes time..

Don't forget to budget for renewals !.


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