Website advice needed iPage or angelfire or ?

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Got a question... Website advice needed iPage or angelfire or ? Many thanks for any answer. Another question... "Other lesser high quality letters include: J, K, U, V, W".

Why K is lesser high quality letter like j or w?.

I think K is not bad letter!.

What do you think?.

What are now actual prices for .com domains with 2 premium and 1 non-premium letters?..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can answer it..

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I think K is not used as often as C in English. The more often used letters (higher frenquency) are more valuable...

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Hello pros,.

No worries...disagreements welcome..

I would certainly rather have a "K" than a Q, X, Y or Z, as "K" is often much more versatile. I've known many domainers who have argued that "K" should be a premium letter, and in their thinking it is. The lesser high quality designation really does seem to follow the general consensus for K..

The ultimate value to any letter is in the eye of the beholder. In English, Z is not considered a very good letter. In German, Z is quite versatile. Same with X. In english, X isn't usually viewed as a very good letter, but in many asian languages, X is very versatile..

Many folks now-a-days are starting to observe that all LLL.Gtld domains can be in the premium category. LLL domains can be used logically with so many languages (unlike many word domains), and as such, they have broad global end-user appeal and possibilities. English still dominates much of the web, so the highest premium letters are still those that are most common in english, but as the web grows in other non-english speaking parts of the world, LLL domains of any letter configuration can hold greater and greater value..

Thanks for thoughts...agree or disagree, all thoughts welcome..

Thank you,.


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Interesting discussion.Sincerly from the bad letters I like X the most and than K.I hate Y and Q...

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I always thought that the premium category is a bit large. 17 out of 26 letters. (65%) I like the letters ASC DEMIT. These 8 letters seem to me to stand out above the rest in the rate of being used...

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My best letters are:.

E R T O P A S D H K C B N M..

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It IS only a guide. Don't treat it like it's a list of BINs. It isn't, it's just to give a very rough outline as to what they (or the wider market) think the domains are worth..

In the end, the HostGator is worth whatever someone is willing to pay. There are lots of factors, other than the guide price, to take into account when determining what a HostGator is really worth. Don't worry about the "guide" prices..

It even says so on their site...

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These as any "appraisal" are based on opinion and generalizations. There is some basis for the opinion, but there are more exceptions than true rules. The generalizations are trumped by position in the letter combination, common sub-combinations in the group and common usefulness as acronyms. Also, if a LLL is a actual word or pronouceable, it throws the rules out the window. Word "hacks" such as RAQ for "Rack" are also exceptions..

What some consider "unpoplular letters varies by language. Ususally one of them isn't a killer, but more than one might be. Even weird combos can be useful in business for existing company acronyms, use to make up new company acronyms, may be an existing airport code or stock ticker symbol, or some other acronym. Almost every combination could be someone's initials and valued as a personal domain, even if not $xxx, possibly still well above reg fee..

Basic advice - LLL Value is largely on how creative you are and how you market the domain. I don't agree with general value rules either, other than as a generalized guide to newbies. Each has to be looked at individually..

BTW, I will rarely pass on a LLL with a single Q, that others may pass on. There may not be a lot of "Q" words, but Quality, Quick, Quest, Question, Quick, Qualify, and Quotes are pretty strong keywords that can be made into useful acronyms. (i.e. QZR = Quality Zipper Repair, HLQ= Home Loan Quotes, HQH = High Quality Hosting)..

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