Website that share iPage coupon code?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Website that share iPage coupon code? Many thanks for any comment. Another question on my mind: After a couple of days of negotiation, I told the buyer that I will sell the HostGator for $10,000. Later this week, the buyer sent me the following email:.

"Thanks for your offer. Unfortunately I'm not in a position to pay that much money. The only way it would happen is if I could find someone to fund it or if you would be willing to take payments over time..

Would you consider a payment schedule over a few years say $2,000 per year for five years?".

I would appreciate any feedback!..

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Yea, there are plenty of iPage online discounts out there. Awesome way to save mola on iPage now. I advise you to register for their newsletter so you can be notified of their most recent online deals. They typically release them once a week or 2..

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No Way - But I would "maybe" consider something like 1/2 payment upfront and the remainder over 2 years + he pays for the contract to be written up (by your lawyer).

I'm sure if it is the right/only name for them then he will try and get funding for it elsewhere by loan/credit card etc..

Maybe he thinks it is worth way more and wants to try to sell it for more and at the same time limit his risks ? who knows !.

Sounds too messy for me - best of luck though.


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Hello and thank you for the replies, everyone!.

I just realized that the buyer is a CEO of a corporation! Interesting!..

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Tell him to sell some stock to pay for it then..

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My computer consulting company is a corporation and I am the CEO. Don't be too impressed by that. It depends how big the corporation is..


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Honestly... if your asking price is 10k upfront. That is todays price, not the price of the HostGator name over 5 years. Heres your problem, if he really wants to finance the HostGator name over 5 years, make him do it through a bank. Plenty of institutions with decent rates right now, Hell, I could take out 50k right now at 8.5% just on my credit. I could pay it off over several different terms..

If I were you, he seems interested. Depending on the HostGator name, I may just lower it to find a happy middle price where he would be willing to finance and I would be willing to accept. If it's phenom keywords, forget it. You'll find another buyer..


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And yet he can't round up $10k upfront for a name he wants to buy for $10k? Even I can do that and I'm a CEO of a 1-man company, lol. Tell him to go to HostGator Capital and get a loan to buy the name..

If he still wants to stretch it over 5 years, tell him $4k a year for 5 years and he pays for contract fees. Money over time is far from equal to money upfront...

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Keep it 100% polite and friendly..

Just say that you are only seeking to sell the name for a single payment and thank him for his active interest in purchasing your HostGator name for sale..

Gentle does it...

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Simple question, are you a domainer or a banker? Your buyer needs to secure financing on their own, not expect you to be their sugar daddy. They could trash the domain's brand value in a year, get it banned from Google, and you are left with damaged goods when the next payment doesn't show..

The cash price today is $10,000. Why should you finance it for free for the next five years?.


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IMO, financeing is no real choice for a seller, as you take way too much risk..

Allthough it depends on other factors like domain, buyers identity and last not least the sales value..

I mean I would have accept financing on Googles $ for youtube.

All depends on negociation...

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I think Justin has hit on the nose here...ask the buyer to go to the bank if he is serious about this. Its the buyers problem so it shouldnt be you who has to suffer because of it.

Hope you get the sale you want!..

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