What are the Pros and Cons of having a "Religious Friendly" Medifast menu in Public Schools?

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First of all What are the Pros and Cons of having a "Religious Friendly" Medifast menu in Public Schools? Many thanks for any answer or 2. Another quick question... In my past life, I was super morbidly obese. My BMI was 50, and I weighed in at 344 the first time I saw the GBS surgeon, and after reviewing my medical records discovered my top weight was actually 348 lbs..

I had always joked about what "super powers" I must have to be labled as super morbidly obese. But I have just come to the realization what those super powers were, now that I've lost them. I'd like to share them with you, and maybe you have some of the same super powers right now and don't even realize it yet..

My first super power that I had, but now is gone, was physical strength. I had the strength of two grown people. To be able to carry around 150 extra lbs every day, up and down stairs, in and out of stores, up and down off the floor with my kids, being pregnant 3 times, etc, etc. I was definately super woman. There is no way in hell I can even bring in a 50 lb bag of chicken feed from the van to the garage, much less three of them all at once and go live my life. I've noticed I also don't have the strength or leverage I used to when it comes to moving things.

I had super woman strength for sure, because now I have no leverage, or weight behind me, to tip even my loveseat over. Another clue as to my loss of this super power strength, is I had to go this week for a bone density scan. I guess a routine check at one year post op to see if I've had any bone loss. Obese people because of bearing so much weight have denser bones, now that I'm much lighter it's possible my bones decided they don't need to be so strong..

My second super power was my ability to take down a meal fit for 2-3 people in one sitting. I could eat steak by the pound, chips by the bag, bread by the loaf, pizzas by the box, and chicken by the bucket. I couldn't even imagine trying to eat that way again. I see other people eating that way, and I am just so thankfull that I'm not like that anymore. I felt like I was not in control of that either. I wasn't choosing to eat a whole pizza to myself, it was so impulsive I couldn't help myself, or stop myself.

And my third super power I've lost was blindness. I was blind and deaf to a whole conversation that I didn't know was out there. Now that I'm on the other side and no longer in the obesity world, a layer of society has been revealed to me. There is talk of the obese, and why can't they do something for themselves, it's not hatefull, it's just mindfull, but no one dare speak a word of it in front of an obese person. Its a strange new shift in perception for me..

So have any of you got super powers? If so, I'd love to hear what they are!..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can answer it..

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Thanks for the post. I never realized that I had super powers. I do have one more super power to add to your collection: the power to not be ignored in a room full of average sized people. When an obese person enters a room people notice immediately. Now, after shedding 180 pounds, I don't get the attention I used to demand. Who's going to notice and average sized middle aged woman?..

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Hi Callie,.

I can sure relate to the superstrength one. I went to push my motorcycle back out of the garage, and I don't have those 60 extra pounds to help! It makes pushing a 650 lb bike harder, but now I have better balance when I'm on her..

Hugs! Patricia..

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Until your post, I was totally convinced that the universe had recently suffered a significant increase in the gravitational constant. To me, the increase in gravity was obvious and I was quite puzzled that no one else seemed to be bothered by this fact..

As it turns out, it was just my personal universe shifting.....

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You bet I do or DID! In my prime I could drink like a sailor. It's no wonder I was so fricken fat, I could literally drink a case of beer in a day and have do some damage to the scotch supply without a thought. I've often joked that I ate or consumed over 5000 calories a day on a good day. Seems so long ago and sad, but true. Now, just 120 day from.


I don't eat that in a week and haven't had 10 drinks in 4 months. In my prime, I wouldn't have even wanted to talk to a guy like me NOW!.


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LOL, Love it!!! Now, you are all super heros for all the hard work you put in everday to reach your goals...

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Callie I love this post!! I had never even thought of things in those perspectives!!..

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I read a blog that called us SMOBs and not very empatheticaly. A 15 year old girl simply couldn't understand why an adult would "choose" this life..

Not sure I have had much choice for a while, but I do now! I remember when these "super powers became unavoidable and I felt like giving up on life all together. Just 17 lbs makes a huge difference. I can't wait! Thanks.....

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Wow Callie,.

Thanks for posting that. You are truly a very intelligent girl and offer wise wisdom to those of us that are new to this..

Thank you...

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Love the post Callie. My super power has been the ability to keep creepy men away from me. Not so when I was thin. I feel that with the blessing of many years of life experience and a better sense of self that I will be able to maintain this super power when needed. :)..

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Great posting. You are insightful and also funny. Callie, you have a great personality. It just shines in your postings..

"Up, up and Away!!!"..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.