What are the pros and cons of hosting websites with GoDaddy versus iPage?

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First question I have is What are the pros and cons of hosting websites with GoDaddy versus iPage? Many thanks for any answer. Another question on my mind: Yep I had a time waster offer on one of my domains at sedo so I made a nearly $10 billion counter offer. I will be very happy if sedo pick up their $1 billion share! Ha ha ha :-)..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to that question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I discover an useful answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can answer it..

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You can set min offer at sedo to avoid time wasting...

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You should always respond with a counter offer that is reasonable and realistic for the HostGator to get the ball rolling even if your first offer received is in your opinion FAR less then your expectations..

A lot of people make a first low ball offer to test the waters, especially if you have listed your HostGator with the "Make offer" option..

And even if you have listed a price for your HostGator it may still happen you receive a low ball offer, don't get insulted or offended since you don't know who you are dealing with....

You may be dealing with a individual totally clueless about HostGator values but interested nevertheless in your HostGator and is able to increase it's offers and even maybe to a point you may be tempted to sell..

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Agreed. The buyers first offer & seller's first counter-offer are often at opposite extremes. The second offer from the buyer is based on your response. But, how can he make a second offer if he has to spend the rest of his life counting the number of 9's in your offer?!..

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Funny, but if it's the smartest thing to do... I doubt it...

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Sounds like a pretty generous counter offer. Maybe you should think about accepting it. :0..

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(other way around.


Don't you have to get an appraisal from Sedo to have a HostGator sell at that price? Or is that just to list it for sale?..

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I believe you can counter whatever price you like at Sedo...

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Thats just to list it for sale at over 10,000.

The funny this is you can only list it at either 10,000 euro - 10,000 dollars or 10,000 pounds which is alot more..

( 10,000 = 19,828.09 USD).



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Got it I always wondered if they measured it in USD, but I guess it's any of the currencies listed, probably explaining why a lot of the domains on the under $300 "bargain list" are posted in pounds...

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Just an example, whenever I see a HostGator listed without price I offer $100 just to open the communication with the seller, it's not a price, it's to see what range the seller is looking for !.

Anyway you may have lost a potential buyer..

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Way to scare away a potential buyer. Even if it's a lowball offer, it's still an offer and the OP has shown interest in your name. At least respond with a considered, reasonable counter offer..

Noobs may agree with your strategy, but those seasoned members that have sold numerous names through Sedo and alike are successful because they know the market value of domains and do not respond emotionally to an offer, whether it be low or high...

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If it was a really low offer, most likely it was from a reseller..

Reseller = Time Waster (most of the time)..

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Ok, so you call them Time Waster, because they waste seller's time to press some tiny little buttons for a counter offer, so when you are doing that why you don't enter the real number that you expect instead of entering a 10 digit number..

If you know the price you are looking for, you can list it with that price, if you don't want to get these time wasters, set a minimum bid but it's the nature of sales that you should be patient enough..

The fact is sometimes people forget they can be the other side of the deal, haven't you ever tried to buy a name with hopes to get it as cheap as possible ? .

Anyway thesse were just my 2 cents to say not all the people think the same, and that low ball offer could be a potential buyer and I think even if the possibility is just 1%, worths a reasonable answer..

Cheers ...

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If you are going to throw a dog a bone... throw one with at least a little bit of meat. Just my two cents..

Also, please note that I consider most the time to be around 70-80 percent of the time...

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I usually follow the rule to always counter offer with a reasonable price even when I am low balled..

But there are exceptions..

I mean, if you owned, and you got a $60 offer, wouldnt you do what the OP did?.

In this case, I would.....

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Well, I think people should come down to Earth...

I saw a name I liked and asking price was $60 so I offered $60 and I got a reply asking $600......I just gave up because it`s not serious to me...

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