What breakfast items would you like to see on a coffee shop Medifast menu?

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My 1st question is: What breakfast items would you like to see on a coffee shop Medifast menu? Thanks for any response. 2nd question I got is.. Has anyone ever went through this, where eating feels like more of a chore than anything?.

Im almost 3 weeks post op and I dont want to eat or drink anything. It doesnt get me sick...I just dont want it. Ive been skipping meals and not drinking protein shakes. Ill eat beans a couple times a day but thats about it. The other day after choosing to not eat anything all day, I literally almost passed out in the shower. It scared me so Ive been trying to eat but it's just so depressing because I dont enjoy it AT ALL anymore.

What to do, what to do.....

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could answer your Medifast question..

Comment #1

Yes I know you may not feel like eating, but honey you will cause more problems in the end for yourself. Make sure you get in the protein that your doctor wants you too because like Krissy said, your hair will fall out and even worse you can become very dehydrated and you will feel awful if that occurs. So please eat, eat and eat plus drink, drink and more drinking!!!.

Hugs as always,.


Comment #2

I would say that "most" of us do not FEEL like eating after.


(I'm 3 1/2 months post op and still do not get hungry or feel like eating most days) but unlike before.


Not eating anything for the entire day seemed like a very successful day, that is not something you should be doing post-op. For as little as we now eat, it's very important TO eat. We're already "by-passing" many, many calories because it is not being digested in our stomachs like it used to. Not getting in your protein can lead to hair loss, malnutrition, dehydration, fatigue, and many other major problems..


To eat the correct things and getting in your protein are the true measure of successful weight loss....not starving yourself. Remember this is not a "race", this is a lifestyle change for the rest of your life, this is about having a healthy body and a long life...

Comment #3

I'm 3 days different to you sergery date. there are times I dont want to eat as well. those times I have a cup of home made pureed soup. it light feeling .and I don't feel stuffed after..

As for the protein drinks. one cup takes me 2 days to haveapple sauce is a good filler too .it cold and wet so goes down easy..

Without drinking and eating you will get light headed. I had to start cool showers so I don't pass out..

Good luck to you...

Comment #4

Yes, it is more of a chore now because you have to be very careful to chew chew chew, and you eat to live now - not live to eat. And though you don't feel like it, you must eat or you will experience problems such as what you've already described..

A word of warning because you look like you have beautiful hair. If you don't want to lose it, you'd better strive to get your protein requirements every day, plus your vitamins. At about 3-6 months post-op, you will reap hair loss if you don't..

Hang in there, hun. You'll learn your new way of life. Give it time, but do what you know you need to for now...

Comment #5

I will be 4 weeks tomorrow and yes it feels like a chore, big difference from before :).

Remember this, before.


We lived to eat, now we eat to live..

Take care of yourself, you did this to be healthier not create more issues for yourself..

Try your best to get the nutrients in that you need, the rest will come with time I.



Comment #6

Hi I,.

Sounds all too familiar, just not feeling hungry is pretty common, you need your taste buds to get working

I dont suppose I have actually felt hungry since.


And yes sometimes it's just a chore and easilly missed..

Trouble is trying to keep to 3 meals a day, it's important to try....

Try adding a little spice to things to make them more pallatable, more enjoyable..

You will enjoy Medifast food again, just not as desperatley as you might have before..

I am loving to experiment with foods I neglected in the past....

But yes, eating is occasionally a chore....

Keep well young un, try to keep your intake up, it's early days and your body needs it even if your mind tells you otherwise. got to stay healthy, and that means eating ok....

Buzz xxx..

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I don't really have too much trouble eating the protein - it's drinking the water. OMG. Water tastes like absolute @$$ and hurts going down!! I hate it! I get hungry and look forward to eating - i'm just all done after 5 bites, but I have to force myself to drink. I can't believe how hard it is. What a difference before and after the.



Comment #8

Yes. Eating is at times a chore. Remember, a GBS patient typically goes from eating for enjoyment to eating for health maintenance..

Getting away.

From the eating for pleasure aspect was important for me. YMMV. Everyone tends to do things a bit differently. I tend to.


Food smells..

Eggface, (.


) on the other hand, has fully embraced eating again, but with a much healthier diet, smaller portions and much attention to Medifast food quality, texture, taste, color, etc.. Each person walks this path a bit different..

I just couldn't do it the way Eggface does, and I'd bet a dollar she'd be bored to tears with the way I do it. She embraces her chores, I just try to get mine done each day...

Comment #9

I think the reason we lose interest in eating is beacuse we eat such small amounts of it it is hard to get that excited or any enjoyment out it.. lol. There is little enjoyment out of eating 4 ounces of fish and few veggies... :-)~.

The key is to eat things that are flavorful and substantial.. find something thats right for you and go with it. I go in spurts and eat the same things until I tire of them and move on to something new. This way I can make a list of things I tolerated well and have that many more choices the next time I go shopping...

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