What buttons activate the controls in Medifast menu on the front of the monitor?

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First question I got is What buttons activate the controls in Medifast menu on the front of the monitor? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. Another question I got... Does it make sense to start toning prior to.


? Even more importantly, does it help reduce the amount of pain and recovery time? I just joined a gym (mostly for the tanning benefit at this time) but was wondering if anyone had any do's or don'ts to suggest in this area...

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could help you..

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In general, people who are in better shape having any kind of.


Recover easier. It is never a bad idea to improve yourself, even if it's presurgery. It may also help you lose some of the fat around your liver making your.


Easier for your surgeon..

Good Luck, don't go crazy!.


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I am currently in the Pre Op Stage as well. And I was encourage by my doctor to start.


Daily before the.


I am AFRAID of having loose skin after the.


So I.

Working out.

For a half hour everyday to tone up and.

Lose weight.

Before my.


I don't think anything is wrong with you exercising before.




This helps..


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Two things.



For general fitness and stamina.

2. Anything that will strengthen your abs, even a little. Getting from the reclining to sitting position is painful and difficult for a bit after.


, extra strength will help a lot. I'm so glad for the few modified sit-ups I did occasionally - they really help..


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Its a great idea..


Especially is helpful cause they will have you up within a few hours.


The more you walk the better off you will be. Hand weights are good too for toning up the arms. I still have bat wings but no where near what they could have been had I not started using them early on as I lost. Goodluck...

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Hi yes I did.


On prescription over in dr referred me to the local gym and you get assessed and they make you a programme.i went for pre op fitness as I wanted to get my lungs in good shape so did cardio vascular workouts etc but done under supervision.i think any improvement in physical fitness will aid recovery,..

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Thanks for the insight. I'm trying to spend the "waiting on ins approval" time wisely and think about any and everything I can to be well prepared..

Thank you all for your stories and inspiration. It keeps me from being a big chicken!..

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You'll be so happy you got the.


Deal going before.


For all the obvious reasons but mainly because after they slice you open you really will need a few weeks to finish up your drugs and recover from the pain..

Ron ( up north ) said he watched movies and slept for almost 6 weeks after.


I would read his topic on taking it slow at first and not getting all anxious to.

Lose weight.


Good luck.


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