What do you think about my new website at

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First question I got is What do you think about my new website at Thanks in advance for any answer. Second question of mine... Hi,.

Is it possible to provide a HostGator registration service to my customers? If so, how do I go about it? Do I have to register with someone?.

Many thanks!..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could help you..

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Here are the threads that covers most questions/comparisons..





PS: See my sig for reseller accounts..

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You can even create an enom reseller account at Namepros.


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Exactly !.

I reckon there are many resellers making more $$$$$ than the REGISTRARS...

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You're not going to be a registrar unless you're planning to sell many domains..

Reseller is the best opion...

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What about the investment , it requires lots of $$$$ inflow .......

Comment #6 offers free HostGator affiliate.

Or try they also free affiliate program, it's an alternate free option..

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There are all sorts of places that offer free reseller accounts, most are tied-in with their own hosting. I have the free options available at or

You can also get a free enom reseller accout through name pros, which may be your best option..


I personally, find enom very limiting..

You can also get a free reseller account through - but this one requires that you keep a balance (say, $200.00 to activate) so that your customer's sales are charged against it..

I actually had lots of trouble with the big guys until I found GoDaddy's reseller plan after lots of research. I really do love it. I also resell this plan for less than you can get it for at - but I don't think I'm allowed to tell you where I resell it..

Forum rules. But, if you want the Super Reseller account, you need to buy from No reseller can offer the Super Reseller account. This account allows you to resell reseller accounts like I do (for less than WWD offers)..


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I was referring to the investment REQUIRED for Registrars , not resellers..

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Oh, sorry. Last I checked, it was something like $20,000.00 deposit + some fees. You could probably get started for less than $25,000 handling just the main extensions (or just one extension? But I think the deposit covers more than one TLD). Dot com Domains run about $6.00 each from NetSol (Network Solutions, a division of Versign). You can get this information from ICANN directlty, though, It's been awhile since I looked it up (their iPage site is kind of a mess)..


Note that you can then sell your query stats and all sorts of stuff that will give high roller Domainers an edge, so for an investment of $50,000 you could have quite a nice return on such and investment, I think..

But, that's just my ideas on it..

Oh, there are plenty of companies who will handle the ba=ckend for you, but those stats are worthful, make sure you can see and resell them, or offer a policy that NO ONE will see them but you to encourage Domainers on a budget...

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What is the benefit of being a reseller if you have to pay registration fees...

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You can't really make much money selling Domains. Even when you buy at the reduced rates you aren't saving much. The real benefit for either an ICANN accredioted registrar or a reseller registrar is to simply be able to offer the convenience that their customers require in a Web Host, Web Designer, Web Developer, Web Services,.


Pro or Domainer..

The added benefits are the discounts on other services..

The super-extra benefit of being an ICANN accredited registrar is to be listed on the ICANN's "ICANN Accredited" web page, which DOES send traffic, and the boost in condidence many customers have in dealing with an ICANN accredited organization (if they know anything about ICANN or domains)..

However, I must point-out that I have have had great difficulty with many ICANN accredted registrars and in dealing with these problems through ICANN, I find that the ICANN accredition is a purely crap because ICANN does not enforse any standards on anyone, or even handle complaints against ICANN accredited registrars..

It is this very reason I finally became a reselling registrar and don't even care about ICANN registration/accreditation. Plus, all of my transactions are actually handled by the real ICANN accredited registrar I resell for (Wild West Domains, a part of the GoDaddy Group)..

Having said that, would plunk down the 20,000.00 deposit and 5,000.00 or some such sum for fees to be ICANN accredited if I had it, and spend another 12,000 or so developing a custom secure iPage website for the transactions. - All just for that one link on ICANN and to secure all the name search logs just to protect myself and my fellow domainers, because every other ICANN registrar DOES sell that data..

But if you have anyone else do the registration back-end for you, you lose the control over that and will also lose that benefit..

Then again, this post is offering up some personal opinions. Remember to come up with your own deductions and make up your own minds..

I think NetSol does on the ecommerce retail end, but I hugely doubt if they would from a Registrar, but I can't say. I know that the reseller accounts I use/sell do, but so do others. Directi does..

Take care, guys! -Doug..

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Nice !.

Do you have a link for your service ?

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