What dvd burning program lets you add images to the dvd Medifast menu?

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First off, What dvd burning program lets you add images to the dvd Medifast menu? Thanks for any response. Another question I got... Trying to find a replacement for the shots I used to get at Costco. I am not liking the 2 45g New Whey flavors I have tried (fruit punch and grape). I have tried to boost the flavor factor every way I can think of when I mix it with water. Any suggestions?..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can answer it..

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I use the proshots from Walmart, mixed with water, they only sell fruit punch flavored I my hometoewn. There is 26 grams of protein in those. My nut said that we can't process more than 30 grams at a time anyway...

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I got 2 protein shots from GNC and they are disgusting. *BARF* I am in a bind cause I know I'm not getting enough protein but I will seriously ralph all over the place if I were to drink those shots. Which defeats the purpose. I don't think mixing with water would help but I guess I should ty it before I knock it. I'm gonna find me some new protein powder it's just hard finding one that will go down nice n easy...

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I have used the New Whey ones myself.. I generally just use them on the days when I dont feel so hot and can't eat. The shots are made with collagenic protein which we cant absorb that well at all... Like slg says only drink half of one twice a day.. we dont get in all the protein.. and we get in even less with the collagenic stuff..

They are good for on the go. As for the flavor.. I am finding that all protein suppliments taste like money butt.. I just hold my nose and toss it back .. lol Good Luck!!..

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LOL Up North Guy. The guy at GNC didnt see what the issue was with taste b/c the normal approach for non-GBS patients is to down the stuff all at once. Thanks for the info on the New Whey - I thought all whey isolate products were the same, so it sounds like I need to tighten up my label.


They are really expensive anyways. Thanks for the Wal-Mart tip - I am guessing they use the same source as Costco did. BTW, this whole thing about getting all of our protien from Medifast food - at 9 months out that would still be impossible unless I were to eat 5 times a day and would result in not be able to get all my fluids in. There are just not enough low-fat, protien rich foods out there. I use the shots to get protien without sacrificing fluids, which continues to be a problem for me...

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I'm also a Kaiser patient and will go for my 6 weeks this week so I'm sure they will be telling me to lay off the protein supp but it is hard to get what we need..

I have been getting the PureProtein bars at Wal-Mart and am tolerating them well. They have about 20 grams protein and maybe 1 of sugar and they are a nice treat :).

P.S. I can't stomach the shots either...

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Decided I deserved a "treat" last night and mixed 1/2 scoop of my max protein powder in a jello Mousse, O.M.Gosh it was so deelish! Mousse had only 60 cal, 9g Carbs 1g protein, got another 11g of protein from the max, and 59 more calories and 1 more carb., so it was a great choice in my opinion and I was a happy camper!.

Big, I'm only 6months out and I average about 20 grams of protein a meal, almostly always thru food, are you sure you aren't getting more protein then you think? I do eat a lot of seafood which I know has a lot of protein...

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I was never able to drink any of the protein shakes or the shots..NASTY!!! all of them....

So I found that if I made some sugarfree fat free pudding (one package two cups of low fat mil) and mixed in two scoops of vanilla whey powder (Wegmans brand) (we have Wegmans here..they have the best..most tasteless kind in my opinion). It's yummy.. I've tried all of the sugarfree pudding flavors and they are all good. At 11 months out I really don't use them much anymore - but I don't think I'm getting enough protein so I just started adding them back in!! they are yummy....


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@crynana, my daily requirements are 70-80gs. No way to get that with "regular" Medifast food unless I eat beef morning noon and night and overeat at meals. Keep in mind that all processed Medifast food labels, "bariatric" recipes and special foods can be off as much as 30 percent on their nutritional data, so I go above and beyond to keep up with my nutritional needs. Trust me - at 9 months out I have this down. The reason I miss the protien shots besides helping with my fluid intake is they are zero carbs, where the protien bars I do so enjoy have quite a few. I am not a total carb nazi, but I do watch my intake to keep my hunger under control.


43 to go to meet my goal...

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