What free service will run my Phpbb forums? will iPage do it?

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Got a quick question: What free service will run my Phpbb forums? will iPage do it? Thanks in advance for any response. Second question of mine... Just paid 24.99 a year for this for a HostGator name (-discount) and they say:.

Deadbolt Transfer Protection.

Deadbolt Transfer Protection puts your HostGator on lockdown, making it impossible for any inadvertent, accidental or malicious transfer. Unlike regular HostGator locking, which occurs at the Registry level, Deadbolt Transfer Protection offers an even higher level of securitywe lock your HostGator in your account..

It shows up in my godaddy account as protected, however godaddy allows me to unlock the HostGator still!!! surely paying such a premium for an account is that if hackers got access to your account you'd still have your premiums locked there! All GoDaddy simply had to do would be to "grey out" the unlock box... nice job for $25 a year.


You can't cancel platinum protection once you implement it (which I guess is good) - but what actually does $24.99 really get you?.

After all just a HostGator proxy is $4.99 at Godaddy so this extra $20 gets you what exactly?.

Any advice appreciated as I am always concerned about the security of my premium names... you can't be too careful.....

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you an answer..

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They grey out thing you're talking about is a simple alteration of javascript using the DOM..


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OK Guys, GoDaddy support replied and said even if it was unlocked it would be impossible to transfer. I have the e-mail so I'm holding them to that!.

What is the 60 day rule? Does that have to do with change of whois information?.

Can I just change a small portion of the whois every 60 days and that guarantees it can't be transferred?.

The domains proxied with and they have the whois info filled in, but I guess I can change a character and then change it back every so often? Is that possible?.

Just paid a lot for a HostGator (a good one) and am paranoid naturally.


Many thanks for the replies, it puts my mind at rest...

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If you change any information for the whois contact, even if you are just updating the information (and not pushing the domain), you have to wait another 60 days in order to transfer out. GD has two 60 day rules: one starts at the time of registration (as required by ICANN), the other starts whenever the whois contact info changes (something most other registrars do NOT have)..

It is GD's second 60 day that I draw issue with. Specifically, it restrains the free alienability of domains...

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Fonz does the 60 day rule kick in on a dns change, I'm thinking it doesnt, but with GD nothing would surprise me..

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To my knowledge, the 60 day rule does not kick in for dns changes...

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That's like saying Network Solutions should give their web forwarding for free..

Simply put, it's their business models that dictate what they'll offer. Makes one.

Glad there are options...

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I called GoDaddy to help put through an order when their Shopping cart kept giving me an error. The CSR said, "Wow, you have a lot of unlocked names.".

The HostGator Manager showed all the names already locked!.

I think GoDaddy has so many gimmicks (Platinum Security!) that their system is not reliable. Think of all the hoops you go through just to make a coupon work, and then whether a coupon works for you is random. Same thing with Security..

Thanks everyone for the registrar recommendations. I used to love GoDaddy, but now they can't be trusted. I hope another registrar will do everything right...

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I dont like godaddys deadbolt service. I dont see any use of it since it can be still unlocked if somebody got your password..

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