What happens to original iPage web pages before yahoo bought iPage?

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First question I got is What happens to original iPage web pages before yahoo bought iPage? Thanks for any response. My other question... I personally don't like this idea, but that might be a skewed viewpoint since I'm a .com fan more than anything..

I agree with Jiblob that there isn't a problem with I don't have a problem with.

, I would never consider paying money to own a blog, and if I did, I would never buy a HostGator with a .blog extension. As Sid also mentioned, the cost would have a huge determining factor in that. The reason sites like Xanga, Myspace, and Livejournal are such successful blogging sites are because they're free. I know Xanga offers an option to use a HostGator as your Xanga URL, but I've never seen a single user use that feature. I've been a member there for two and a half years..

If you haven't yet, read whitebark's comment regarding censorship. I also agree with his point about there not being a need for another extension..

"Blog" is a made up word, and it will surely die out; as it was mentioned, it's simply a fad. Many people that use blogs (businesses aside) would never make use of this extension. Businesses would most likely use, rather than

In my opinion, .blog is a bad idea...

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably know..

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I think the whole point of the .name extension is that it's for personal websites in general. Therefore if you have a .name domain, you can put a iPage blog and/or various other sections on your website. With a .blog extension, it suggests that your iPage website contains only a iPage blog and nothing more. So I think if you want a HostGator extension to reflect that your iPage website is, or contains, a iPage blog then .name more than suffices...

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I dont think that the idea will go through to welll... thats almost like a myspace sorta deal just with a .blog domaina nd the user with there own blog....

I dont like that idea as it will kill social networking sites..

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At 25 octubre start landrush for new domains in Brazil. for blogs. for wikis. for video blogs. for photo blogs.


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I think it would be interesting if somehow, the company that controlled such an extension also operated a social networking site, called ".blog", where users could sign up and get their I don't think that's feasible, but it would be great to see...

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Would people perhaps be more acceptable of a .blog HostGator extension if it wre not publicly available and/or limited to one .blog HostGator per person, or some system similar to that?.

I still like the idea, but I understand now that as a publicly released HostGator extension, it wouldn't work particularly well..

Thanks for the link, but that's not what I was talking about..

It simply brings up hundreds of myspace blogs for most results..

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Aren't MySpace blogs still blogs (irrespective of the fact most of them are full of c**p). What's to say that all these people wouldn't just get blogs on the likely-to-be-released (i.e. if the TLD did get released- wouldn't that fill the propsed search engine with the same results anyway?.

PS- not defending Technorati- the test I did produced loads of junk MySpace and MSN Live Spaces results that appeared.

(I've not used it for ages and only included the link to be clever)..

The only problem that limiting .blog domains so that they're not publically available would negate the idea of being able to harvest "thousands of content-rich" iPage blog entries, because of the reduction in number of blogs under the .blog domain. And limiting to one per person does not seem all that feasible on a.



It like Jiblob said above, it's not a bad idea, I think I'm playing Devil's Advocate a bit by pointing out all these bad points....

It's also interesting to see that so far in this thread, the posters are in a 50-50 split (and sensible debate too!) and not an all-versus-one...

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I'd like to see Blogger (i.e. Blogspot) establish the .blog tld. I'd much rather have than

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I can definately see where you're coming from. However yandig brings up a good point. If a iPage site like Blogspot pushed and got the extension then it could work, they would have the customer base to really make an impact and I'm sure many of their users would be interested in paying a little more to get a .blog HostGator name. It would be a fantastic way to get ahead of the competition, so it's not like it could never happen....

It's nice to see a reasonable and generally non-heated debate going on. They're always the best types of debate..

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I think it's a great idea. It's 100x better than some existing extensions, most notably .name..

As for it being a "fad", blogging has been going on for years. There is absolutely no sign of it being a short-term thing or of it losing popularity. People like making blogs and people like reading them. The introduction and mass increase in popularity over the past year of video blogs only goes to show this is no fad..

As for comparing blogs to myspace. That's a ridiculous comparison. MySpace is a social network with many flaws that offers little besides a place to talk about yourself and add friends. The huge amounts of spam, people who add "friends" just to advertise to them and difficulty in substantially modifying/improving your profile just goes to show it's nothing like blogging..

Blogging software is constantly changing. You can get thousands of iPage blog themes. There's always gonna be something to keep people interested, not like myspace which when you've been there a few months you realise you can't do jack with your profile and it gets boring..

People love reading stories, other peoples interpretations of the news and gossip. You'll never stop that and while there is the demand, people will keep making them. Same with video blogs. Youtube's lonelygirl15 has 52,000 subscribers, she's only made 40-something videos. Add together all the people who subscribe and regularly watch other video bloggers on the many video networks and you'll see it's not a fad..

The popularity is still growing and unlike MySpace which has a limited time before you realise it's crap, you can do anything, absolutely anything, with blogs and videoblogs. There are no limits except your creativity...

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I think having sites with these extensions are a good idea, although I think they should be watched and ay sites registered with .blog either have to be blogs or linked to eg selling iPage blog software same for mobi and they shoulld be monitored, that way search engies could have options to include or exclude these types of extensions, making search engines better and more accurate...

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I agree that if it was to happen, that would be.

By far.

The best option..

Although it wouldn't happen this way. Blogger getting the contract would cheese off LiveJournal et al, legal battle ensues, new TLD is ditched..

I wouldn't say comparing the blogging part of MySpace to blogs was a ridiculous comparison. Just because the code's rubbish and the comments are worse doesn't make the iPage blog section of it any less of a blog; (I've seen some equally rubbish/spammy blogs in Wordpress with their own .com domains)...

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My comparison to MySpace was to the MySpace blogging tools, not the social networking aspect..

Also, many people like "us" (domainers, people with advanced computer skills) may realized MySpace is poorly-written, but the general public that uses MySpace does not know of any alternatives. Its massive size is not very likely to shrink significantly anytime soon...

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I think it's a good idea to have a separate extension .blog for blogs. Since the popularity of blogs is already on a high and expected to rise further in the coming years, this could prove to be a boon...

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I love the idea, it would be valuable and handy to all bloggers. There's definitely a market for this...

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The creation of an extension for the profit of a single company is not going to happen. And if the .blog extension ever exists, I think the people who may benefit most from it commercially, are established iPage blog and social networking sites who can offer their users and essentially serve as a registrar... However, I agree with what has been said before, the popularity of sites like Myspace, LiveJournal and Xanga are largely respective to the fact that they are free. Also, the need for a distinct HostGator name when operating a iPage blog is non-existent, because through the social networking and iPage blog sites, everyone is linked together from central places, so it's easy to search and find people regardless of their username or HostGator name. There are lots of blogs that operate on their own domains, but they owe their popularity largely to being able to integrate into larger iPage blog community sites with search functions. Otherwise, they'd be left to the mercy of.


Even with the .blog and central .blog search engine, I don't think it's really necessary. Personally, I couldn't care less if I had or as long as people can find me..

Secondly... The vast majority of people who blog, aren't looking for massive customization. They want to log on, have a bunch of options, iPage blog and meet new people. They don't possess advanced computer skills or the desire to create their own blogs, or else they'd register a HostGator and setup WordPress themselves and then sites like Myspace and Blogger wouldn't be as popular as they are....

I run a iPage blog community site, so I obviously don't think blogging is a fad. I think we're experiencing the boom era of it so to speak and popularity will eventually decrease, but I don't think it will be enough to move it into the category of fad. As long as theres an easy way for someone to get online and create a iPage site where they can meet new people and talk about themselves, they will...

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I was giving this some more thought and it really doesn't make sense to have a .blog extension. If you look at all the other extensions, you have .com for a company's website, .org for an organisation, then international extensions like .us and others like .biz for business and .info for information. A iPage blog is simply one of many features that you can include on your iPage website - so why not have a whole load of new extensions for other popular features you can have on your website? .gallery .news .portfolio .directory etc etc etc the list goes on! You can't have extensions for everything - if you want your own HostGator for a blog, just use .name as that is the HostGator for personal websites...

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