What has happened to iPage server?

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First question I got is What has happened to iPage server? Looking forward for any response. My 2nd question... With the introduction of Sedo's auction ... it was thought that only premium names or names of interest (names with offers) would be involved in Sedo's auction. Clearly the rules created by Sedo to enforce that the auction met a certain quality was great! And, it seemed as if Sedo would hold true to the rules..

Two ways to get a name to auction:.

1. Get an offer on your name and send it to auction. There still has been some shill bidding auctions, but for the most part only names with interested parties went go to auction..

2. Apply to Sedo's brokers, and if your name is considered premium, then you can send your name to auction with no need for an offer first and you can also set a reserve price..

I only have one question! Is premium? According to Sedo it is:.


Please give your thoughts and input on this ... as Sedo is loosing my trust with their 'quality' auctions..

Maybe the /img/avatar5.jpg of knows some inside people? If this is so, then it's unfair treatment. If that is not the case and instead it is Sedo's brokers that seriously think is a premium name, then I still have lost faith in their system...

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an useful answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could help you..

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Very true - but at this time there is'nt, I'm sure all of the above do care about their customers but they are probably just too big to give the kind of personal attension that alot of us expect. Its the corner shop / Giant supermarket thing !.

Lack of communication is the one that P***** me off the most.


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I think it is because of each Sedo staff has his/her own standard..

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Most likely. They refused a HostGator of mine, that they had showcased along a few select others in their newsletter a few years ago...

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I tried three times to get my best names, names that THEY ARE LISTING IN TOP NAMES, into auction, and they never did it. If a name in their Top Names doesn't quality as premium, I don't know what does...

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I have my concerns with them:.

1.) non-relevant ads on parked pages, eg: category of "Business: Real Estate" should not include hardcore movie links.

2.) poor session management that let visitors access a member's account, supposedly this has been fixed but that's a biggie..

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Definitely not a well used term .... but some interest..

Kind of odd ......

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A huge reason why my revenue has dropped by as much as 50% in march along with CTR. My historically highest paying HostGator with a CTR or nearly 50% fell to nearly 10% and revenue down to 25% of what it had been..

This has been on a downward trend since the beginning of the year. It really started a steep decline at the start of March. When I called this to the attention of my account magr., I was told by him and one other big fish "some things are out of my control"..

With 2900 domains at sedo and sedo being in the HostGator parking business,.


If they can not control their feeds and the simple basics of their business including customer service, then they need to get out of the hell out of the HostGator and parking monitization business..

I have been trying since last October to get a broker to contact me. NOT ONCE has one done so. Some of the shit that I see selling on there, no bids, fake IDN and these are premium?.

Not to mention 39 days to pay me for a sale, no transaction less than 30 days to complete. And the lie after lie after lie. Most recently I inquired as to why I have not received my Feb. (yes...Feb) payment and was told they were preparing the ticket at that moment. When it still did not come and I re-enqured, I am told by someone else that it is because my W-9 is outdated. Just tell me the truth.

Reminds me alot like the TDNAM/GoDaddy fiasco that many of us just recently went thru..

I have an ever growing stack of emails that are just one misleading statement after another, one lie after another, one cover-up after another. And they know this..

On the other forum, there is so much outrage, Sedo has a couple of members on the forum answering questions and trying to diffuse problems. Isn't that a damn shame? Simple things like emails going unanswered, no response here and there. If they would take care of the basics then they would not need to spend so much time covering their asses and each other. If they would respond to customer inquiries in a timely manner, don't provide the same canned answers, and act like they know what the hell they are doing, then they wouldn't need to spend so much time on the forums putting out damn fires..

I could go on and one about SEDO and the former love for them now turned into despise..

But I would rather focus on spending the time moving my domains to other programs. Currently tweaking 490 at parked. In time all will be gone from Sedo...

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From my understanding of there reserve price on a domain....when going to auction.. the first bid is the reserve auction price....correct me if I am wrong......

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No. The first OFFER is enough to take it to auction. The reserve does not have to be met. Look at the entire current auction listings. Any thing with a yellow icon indicates that RESERVE HAS NOT BEEN MET. Green icon means it will sell no matter what the reserve...

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We all have seen a lot of auctions never be sold because the reserve prices were set too high by the owners..

This may explain why they are listing now sometimes garbage, these are the only names for which owners accept to not set any reserve!.

This way SEDO is sure to make a sale and generate a small benefice..

I do not see any other logical reason, the second one will be the SEDO appraiser who decide which domains should be auctionned lost the head, but I doubt..


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I couldn't have ranted better! Everything you noted is true and in my honest opinion needs to be taken into Sedo's consideration..

One of the major focal points Sedo needs to work on is communication. Many times have I tried to get a simple answer from them, and it would take a week and sometimes a month to get a simple answer..

Most of the time just informing your customers truthfully will save everyone, including Sedo itself, a huge headache down the road...

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