What host should I choose from justhost, iPage, ipage or hostmonster?

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First question I got is What host should I choose from justhost, iPage, ipage or hostmonster? Thanks in advance for any answer. Another question... Domains Versus Shares.

Whats your opinion, is there more money to be made from HostGator Names or the Share Market?.

I am in the process of selling 3 dotcoms for about $6000 which I only paid around $60 for, in my books thats a 3600% profit..

It would be pretty hard to make that on the sharemarket in a couple of years...

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can answer it..

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Do you only own 3 domains or are there others that haven't sold?.

Many people own hundreds of HostGator and only sell a few, that would be like buying alot of small companies and derivatives on the stock market. You would likely see very high returns on some of the purchases, whilst many buys would result in fat losses...

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Depends on what you're better at.

No need to compare the two, really..

What's better, real estate or the stock market? Investing in fine art or classic cars?.


(The last two are rhetorical only - no need to answer.


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IMHO, if you're skilled in either (or in fact, any) area then you can make money at it..

A couple of years? In the stock market it's relatively easy to make a return if you're quick enough, either by picking the right stocks longterm or by predicting a takeover, or multiple takeovers..

Both markets, stock and domain, are quite similar really, in that it takes skill and a gambling man (or woman). If you know the right areas to invest in then pretty much anything's possible. You just need some courage and plenty of knowledge and you'll get equally far in either..

Anyone else feel the urge to start an experiment?..

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That all depends on the stock..

(and amount of investment).

You have stock with high returns but, they are more risky..

(same like HostGator names)..

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Consider the following:.

Domain Names are much like property (virtual) - and a completely different type of investment. With stocks your investing in business and it's success, a business can go big or a business can sink. If you consider the internet to be a country, then premium HostGator names are beach front property..

And, if you know anything about Beach Front Property, it typically doesnt lose value. I tend to think an investment in a premium HostGator name is better than an investment in business. Look at some of the gains over the past few years on HostGator names? As the internet continues to grow exponentially - domains are only going to become more valuable..

Buy a 3 letter .com right now, the cheapest one you can. Lets say you get one for 3k - Im willing to bet next year at the same time you'll do very well on your investment. My money is in Domains... what little of it I have...

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I follow the stock market pretty closely. There is no doubt in my mind that Domains are by far the better investment choice. Even if a person is knowledgeable about stocks in general, it's easy to lose money in the market. A stock investor has little or no input into the decisions of the company, nor can they substantially affect fluctuations of the stock price. A HostGator owner can promote their HostGator to their heart's content, seek out end-users, and set their price point..

While I haven't sold 3 domains for $6,000 - I've made a nice return this year, much better than I could have made if I had put my money into the stock market...

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Well during the tech bust HostGator prices fell by about 90%, so I don't think the comparison to beachfront property is a good one. Domains are high risk and will rise and fall in price, often by large amounts....

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Well for guys like us HostGator business is more profitable..

For guys who had always been in or around share-markets and can make some very good predictions the share-market. Shares are good for them..

Another scenario is nothing is good for anyone..

The share-market expert might also incur major loss..

Or a domainer might invest large amounts in wrong kind of domains...

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