What is a good free web hosting site, other than freewebs or iPage?

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My question is What is a good free web hosting site, other than freewebs or iPage? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. Second question of mine... Https://


Both Gmail and MSN have now started webmail service where one can bring his own HostGator and get a free mailbox using instead of or

Did anyone try these yet, and which of both is best?.

I am very curious about it ; in the past using an own HostGator always involved a fee, whereas now suddenly two well-established providers do the service for free. I may try out both of them...

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an useful answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably know..

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I voted Gmail also. I haven't used and probably won't either, Gmail works perfectly...

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I haven't used gmail one. I did try microsoft one, you have to use their standard login page..

I think you have to wait for gmail approval, but microsoft is activated instantly...

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I am going to create a competitor against gmail and live soon..


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Gmail - A simple, clean and elegant email solution...

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I used both and I swiched to gmail..

Live mail is ok but lacking of pop3 access is really a disadvantage..

If either of them enables imap I will definitely go for it...

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Guys, sorry as this might be a little OT, but are you saying you can somehow use gmail to login, and send email as.


If so, what are the trade offs?.


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Gmail for domains -.


It's still in beta so you need to get an invite directly from Google, it's just the same as normal Gmail except using your HostGator address (

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Thanks B33R..

I'm goona go ahead and give it a try..

It sounds tempting having at least one of my emails not hosted on my server yet using my domain..

However, I am sure there must be a trade off, right?.

Do they add advertisments or something to emails?..

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No ads in emails currently, I just sent one to myself to check and they didn't add anything to the content..

There are ads in your inbox but only to the same extent as a normal Gmail account...

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I would be happy to be one of the beta testers...

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Gmail hosted or MS Live offer you any kind of customization as Everyone for example ? .

Custom header, menu or any of Everyone's features ? .

For many years now Everyone and Bigmailbox were the only good solutions around..

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I've never been a huge fan of Hotmail , But at least it was always consistent in the past. The "" beta is a complete Mess IMO ..... I hate it..

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BTW - You can set your account there to the "BASIC PLAN" and it is pretty close to the old style Hotmail - Except there was no "Select All" option on deleting all messages that I've seen yet..

I still can't believe they went to this mess overnight..

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What will you use for backend, PostFix, QMail, SendMail?.

I assume that they all provide spam filtering. If so, any comments from anyone on which company does the best job of filtering out spam?..

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Sorry for the thread resurection..

However, I found the questions that gmail asked in order to accept me for their free email to be a little too 'private' for my taste..

I have my own servers etc..., however, I would still like to have a certian HostGator disassociated from my servers, and together with whois privacy, it will hopefully give me some sort of spam protection while being as anonymous as possible..

Anyone know of any alternatives?.


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Well, I voted for MSN purely coz they're more reliable. I've been having MSN, Yahoo accounts for past 6-7 years without problem..

Gmail recently disabled my email with them without reason. I lost thousands of mail with that. Made several attempts to contact them & asked about it, got no reply. Just searched on Google about this, and found several people's email have been disabled without reason..

See here.

For that matter, I havent used Google pop3 or any of the additional options they have on offer..

Gmail looks good. But if it's not reliable, whats the point? I'll rather stick to the reliable MSN!..

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Than ks for the link smooth..

Does MSN also allow pop3 etc...?.

Where do you sign up for it using your own domain?.


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No. That's one of the reasons why I use gmail..


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