What is a traditional Easter Medifast menu including sides, appetizers and dessert?

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Quick question... What is a traditional Easter Medifast menu including sides, appetizers and dessert? Many thanks for any comment. Another question I got... I had a cup of.


, 2 Flinstones and Viactive chew. Yuck..

Hoping to get some better ideas =)..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could assist you..

Comment #1

I am working on a yogurt right now. It is the yoplait light.


Roll flavor. Sooo yummy! And of course my water. ;-). I take my.


And multi vitamin together as well, per my nut...

Comment #2

This morning I had blueberry greek yogurt. with my vit. now iam drinking a cup of.


There has been some mornings that I have eaten shrimp trying to find different foods that I can tolerate....

Comment #3

Carbrite protein bar...frosted.


Flavor..only 3 cars, 4 fat 200 carlories and 21g PROTEIN!! YUMMY..I also take my vitamins and.




Comment #4

Dang I'm a pig.... I have a yoplait yogurt, fiber bar and sometimes a banana. I am a year and 2 months out though..

Comment #5

That's not breakfast. Where is your protien and good carbs? If you cant stand to eat first thing, find a good RTD protien drink. There are many protien sources which taste like.


, or can be mixed into.



Has alot of great products...

Comment #6

Oatmeal... been my standard for a couple months or so. Typically with some fruit (raisins, dried cranberries, or today frozen blueberries), tablespoon of.


Meal, and tablespoon of my unflavored/unsweetened protein powder...

Comment #7

I had half a slice of toast with low fat cream cheese (very thinly spread) and sliced tomatoe. yum yum..

Comment #8

For whatever reason, I can't really eat in the morning. My stomach just isn't ready for it. I have a hard time eating anything until after noon. I can have.


, maybe tea. Rarely am I actually hungry and when that does happen, I have to eat something savory like eggs and toast...but right now pouchie doesn't like eggs or toast =( I cannot eat yogurt in the morning... it just makes me sick...

Comment #9

I have a banana and a protien bar usually.. but today I had to many coffees to eat....

A poor start to what i.


Ends up being a good day...."smarten up Kar".


Comment #10

I had a cup of.


, 2 Flinstones and Viactive chew. Yuck..

Hoping to get some better ideas =)..

Comment #11

I had my.


This morning and I usually take my vitamins later on in the day or just before bed when I take the rest of my meds.

I would love to take em in the morning but my memory sucks so I always forget..

Comment #12

Got brave and tried a mini-breakfast sandwich. 19g of protien and it stayed down pretty good. There is no way you will ever find this on a "good foods to eat list"...

Comment #13

Cottage cheese and.


(not together), I can't take my multi with my.


Because my multi has.


And you can't take.




Together. can't take with caffiene either..

Comment #14

Its 3:30pm and I just ate my first meal... greek salad with 1/2 a tsp of dressing and 100g of ham..

Comment #15

Today I had a crepe stuffed with blueberries and SF Torani sweetened Greek Yogurt. It was delicious..


LOL a few cups of.




Comment #16

First I have a cup of good Irish breakfast tea..

Then I take my meds with my first bottle of water (one has to be taken before eating) and Centrum Adult chewables..

Then I have a protein bar..

Midmorning a container of yogurt...

Comment #17

First I brew a pot of Scottish breakfast tea (leaves of course!) ..

I too have difficulty with breakfast. But if I find I can't eat I have a protein shake or smoothie using one of eggface's many recipes. I'm on a banana smoothie kick at the moment though..

I take my vitamins with the smoothie or water. Mid morning snack is a protein bar or a piece of fruit with cheese...

Comment #18

V8 with my thyroid meds (pain bc I can't have vitamins for 4 hrs after I take the thyroid) and then later 1/2 scrambed egg and a small piece of bannana. I'm on the mushy Medifast diet and this was an exciting change from s/f pudding :-)..

Comment #19

Sardines (in water not oil) which are very high in protein and Western Bagel's Alternative wheat pita (it has half the carbs.& calories)...

Comment #20

Had pork carnitas for supper last night. so had 2 chunks for breakfast and 2 more for lunch, plus a dab of refried bean..maybe a tablespoon. it was yummy....

Comment #21

I guess I'm the weird one in the bunch as far as my breakfast choice. Never really liked sweet stuff that early in the morning..

I do have a cup or two of.


First thing when I wake up at 5:30am. Can't ever break me of that. But by 8-9 o'clock, I usually have 2 pepperjack string cheeses and 10-12 tricuits. That is 20g of protein right there. I used to eat this for lunch a lot in the beginning, of course just the one string cheese and 4 tricuits back then..

I have started eating this for breakfast because I love it, and it's a lot of protein. I can't really find a comparable high protein choice I like for breakfast more than this. If I end up waiting too long and it's closer to 11-12, then I will say it's my lunch and add some very thinly sliced lunchmeat and mustard, to get my "sandwich" fix without the bread...

Comment #22

I had a yoplait light boston cream yogurt. Then mid morning I had SF pudding. For lunch, creamy tomato soup. I'm still on full.

Liquid diet.

Till tomorrow. I can't wait to have some solid foods. I have no idea what to have for dinner. Any suggestions?..

Comment #23

I have a cup of.


First thing in the morning. When I get to work, I always have oatmeal and 1 turkey sausage...

Comment #24

Half of a protein drink and half of a protein bar. I can never finish them all at one time...

Comment #25

I had a pure protein bar as I do every morning. Delicious and about 20 grams of protein. They have bigger ones with 30 also. Also have always been told not to take.


And vitamins together. Should always take.


2 hrs before or 2 hrs after your vitamins. Something to do with the absorption...

Comment #26

It was a dinner for breakfast morning for me! I had 1/2 cup of.

Chicken soup.

!! I ended up taking a bite of protein bar a couple hours later. Of course, vitamins and water...

Comment #27

This moring I enjoyed a pure protein bar...20 grm. protein, but 18 carbs. I tend to eat half, then wait an hour and eat the other half to be sure I don't have dumping issues. Never a problem for me when I eat it that way....

Comment #28

I had some white meat chicken and my vitamins... not thrilling but filling nonetheless :-)..

Comment #29

I had an Oikos Greek yogurt, honey flavor! Awesome!..

Comment #30

My breakfast most mornings (90% of the time) I have a protein shake which contains a scoop of GNC Vanilla or Strawberry/Banana Whey Protein Powder (20 pro) with 1 cup of Lataid 1 milk (8 pro) and 1/2 of frozen strawberries with a little iceblendedyum-o!!!.

Then mid-morning Dannon Fit N Light Yogurt (8 pro.) Debbie..

Comment #31

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