What is number 1-10 on the Mcdonalds Medifast menu?

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First question I got is What is number 1-10 on the Mcdonalds Medifast menu? Hoping for any comment. My 2nd question... Wher do you get your B12 shots.

My doctor charges $50.00 a visit just for the shot.

Information needed..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could help you..

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I was doing the sublingual drops but I can't take the taste so as of tomorrow I am going to get shots once a month .. I called and my insurance will pay for it..

Linda :)..

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I too get the shots once per month and pay $15.00 for the pleasure...

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I go to Vitamin World and get 5000mcg of sublingual B-12..

Just put under tongue and let them melt..

Vitamin World has better prices than GNC for these..

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My doctor prescribed mine. I give myself a shot once or twice a month. $3.00 for 12 months...

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Just an FYI I got my B-12 sublingual pills from Costco there's 250 of them and I got them for about $15.00..

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50 dollars for a shot?? that is crazy. My insurance covers the needles but not the RX. but it is only 6.95 for a three month supply. I give myself the shots weekly, 1cc.(other medical reason other then GBS) it is very easy to give yourself the shot or if you cant have a family member give them to you...

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I take a B-12 sub-lingually once a week. Simpler. I get mine through Bariatric Advantage, but places like Walmart sells them. You just have to be sure to take in enough. (1,000 mg dose). this brand also has some.

Folic acid.

In it, that helps in absorption..


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I had to have B12 shots (which my husband, who is a paramedic) gave to me. Now that I've had.


I take sublingual tablets once to twice a week because my B12 is high...

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Wher do you get your B12 shots.

My doctor charges $50.00 a visit just for the shot.

Information needed..

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I was getting mine monthly. My doc gave me a prescription. With my insurance copay, I only paid $2.50. I'm 6 months out and no longer have to have them monthly...

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I get the liquid drops at Walmart, you put a dropper full under your tongue for 30secs and then swallow.. it's not the best but it works..its only cost about 5$ good luck....

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If your insurance won't pay for it, call around for the best price. I work at an Urgent Care walk-in clinic. We charge $22 for the B12 injection. Lucky me, I get it for free as an employee :)..

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Never had the shots, my doc told me to do the sublingual tablets or drops daily. I'd beem buying at GNC but switched to Walmart because it is cheaper and I am there at least once every two weeks..



You find a solution that works for you...

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I also take the sublingual ones....I get them at Trader Joe's. They are very small and I really don't notice the taste that much....I just put them in my mouth with all my other vitamins and poof......

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I have Pernicious Anemia (haven't had.


Yet either) and take B12 shots. I am in Canada and paid about $8 for the RX (does about 10 shots) and about $20 for about 50 needles (my mom bought them and split them with me). I find it pretty easy to do the shots myself, and give them in my stomach. I do get the sub lingual ones every once in a while but find the shots work better...

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My Doc prescribed it for me , had it filled I think it cost me $15.00 then I go to his office once amonth to get the shot bottle has last me 8 months now ...i'm looking into.


Shots as well ...

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Holy Cow!!!! My surgeon wrote a script for a one year supply of B12 sirum. I give the shots to myself once a month FOR FREE. lol..

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If I get the injection at my doctor's office, they also charge me an arm and a leg. Instead, I had the doctor write the prescription, got it filled ($5 copay), and my mom (also a nurse) or my husband (paramedic) gives them to me..

Many of the posts suggest sublingual B12. One person (carrie, I believe) hit on a great topic. Sublingual B12 will not work on everyone. If your stomach does not produce enough intrinsic factor, a whole bottle of sublingual B12 wouldn't make a difference. It's something worth.


To your doctor about..

Good luck..

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Thanks all of you.

This is a great place for information.


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I take the sublingual dots that you desolve under your toungue.. it's a piece of cake (sorry bad but it's MUCH easier.. I mean we are alreay taking a handful of vitamins.. whats one that melts under your tongue.. I mena really..


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If you have someone who is willing to give you the shot in the butt muscle you can buy the prescription bottle and needles at the pharmacy with a prescription. I bought mine and my hubby gives me the shot every month so I dont have to go to the doctors office. Its not much different then them doing it just in teh privacy of your own home and cheaper...

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Hi there.

Ok as some of you know I have not had.


And am gathering information. So you need to take B-12?? How long does that last for?? What other vitamin type medication are you taking??.

Thanks again for all your help!!.


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Mary, I only have to take a multi vitamin, chewable or liquid.


And one chewable.


Tablet daily and then one sublingual B12 tablet (only twice a week because my B12 is high)...

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Hubby has told me he'd be more than happy to give me the shot... it costs us a $10.00 copay for injections, even though I got the 'script from the pharmacy and they store it at the clinic we go to. I told him it was not like his insulin and needed to be in the muscle. Also told him, if his sister (a nurse) could tell him how to do it, then I'm all for it!.

I also use the sublingual 'dots'. I'll be getting some blood work done within the next month to show where all my levels are, then we can readjust anything as needed. = )..

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