What is the best FREE website creator (e.g. iPage, etc)?

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Got a question... What is the best FREE website creator (e.g. iPage, etc)? Many thanks for any response. Another question I got... Whoa... LLLL .com sold for nearly $4.5k ..

What do you think?..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could answer your iPage question..

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That's not a big time acronym anyway.... WTRU , hmm.....

Not worth 4.5k for sure.

Damn lucky seller....

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Why is it not worth 4.5k? Back to basics methinks. This is not an exact science- not everyone who buys domains is a reseller you know. Congrats to the seller for getting that sum, but a HostGator isworth what somebody will pay for it. If the company who bought it is a million dollar corp, that figure is peanuts to them, and well worth it too. If you don't believe an like that is 'worth' $4.5k then I don't understand why you would be a domainer?..

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It is a radio station AM 830 WTRU in Michigan.

Nice sale!..

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I saw that in Google - did you check the whois ? .


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Just done so...Truth Broadcasting - either previous or new owner not sure which one..

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It's impossible to say a HostGator isn't worth 4.5k ... the HostGator is worth whatever the end-user is willing to pay. That's our business... for all we know sold on a forum for $12 a week before this sale, haha. Since that's what alot of people would put on that for a "resale" value..

End-user is what it's allll about!..

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Right, for the "hit-on" end-user, any fewer letter names regardless it's ll lll llll or even llll, *can* be the one. A bit like lotto though, you never know which one gets luck...

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I am myself a reseller & I am seeing the HostGator in the eyes of a normal HostGator reseller........

U mean to say if I pay $100000000 for.


, it's worth the $100000000 I am paying for it ? .

Think logically..

Again I'm saying , I'm a reseller so dnt get me wrong.. I personally wudnt pay that much for a HostGator like

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.com HostGator with history.

But 4,5k??? It was crazy buyer.

And sellers luck..

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I agree or the seller just had a real high price expectation set and the radio station figured oh well, we need it...

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It's a supply-demand market isn't it, just like everything else. It was worth exactly 4.5k. Demand for was great (someone absolutely had to have it) and supply was very very limited....they got it for cheap!..

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Maybe he had researched his HostGator beforehand and had an good idea of who "may" eventually come looking for it.

Google - gotta luv it !.


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A very nice sale; I wouldnt mind a few of those big sales!..

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If the radio station was the buyer, the seller may have contacted them and offered it to them. More of you should maybe try this instead of sitting back and waiting for the offers.....

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Don't take this the wrong way guys, but for some people/companies, $4,500 is literally pocket change..

The market says the HostGator is worth exactly whatever someone is willing to pay for it. If you don't know that, you need to go back to Economics 101 or read Adam Smith. That's the foundation of capitalism and the American (and pretty much the world's) economy..

And that's definitely the foundation of the art world, where a painting an artist couldn't GIVE away could suddenly sell for $5 mill. the next day. Vincent Van Gogh once made a painting of his friend and gave it to him. At the time, Van Gogh was a nobody and this friend thought his painting was terrible. So what does he do? He uses the painting to line his chicken coop. Fast forward to the modern era.

Stop wasting time trying to argue that a HostGator has a certain cosmic objective value. Spend your time trying to find the buyer who will pay you $4,500 for a HostGator you think is a piece of garbage. In the end, it doesn't matter what YOU think YOUR HostGator is worth, cause you aren't buying. It only matters what the highest bidder thinks your HostGator is worth..

I'm no expert domainer, but I'm a veteran at buying and selling things...

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