What is the html code for a still background using iPage?

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Quick question: What is the html code for a still background using iPage? Thanks for any answer or 2. Another question on my mind: on eBay.

This guy should have unloaded this name like 5 years ago instead of now as p2p isn't quite as alive a term as it used to be, but still, really nice 3-char .com. Any guesses on the end price?..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could answer your iPage question..

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As little as you guys are pricing this, I'd say the HostGator is even worth $XXX,XXX edging closer to the high side..

I placed a bid, basically the highest I could afford and I was outbid instantly. If I could have scraped more money together for closing I would have gone much higher, but I'm not one of the big boys so I can't afford it. Of course I knew it would happen, but for a HostGator of this magnitude it's like pennies if I would have won...

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This is certainly a great name. Although I look at it and... it doesnt look anything special because I'm used to looking at 3 Character domains and thinking that they are useless. This is a strangely amazing domain!.

But I dont use peer to peer software to download music or videos..

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Sweet name.... low 6 figures without a doubt. If you are thinking anything less, just look at the revenue the HostGator is making aka the guy. 5 years @ $12k/year.... that's 60k alone... and I'm sure it could be doing much better than that even without actual development...

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Wanna place a bet on the end price? lol.

I say it would be $79,500...

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My first thoughts on seeing this name was place to pee but thats just me I guess.

Will be an interesting one to watch..

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I just bid 40k on it, didn't meet reserve...

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Peer-to-peer ... excellent!.

That's got to be worth $XXX,000.00 ???..

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Is he really getting 60 000 hits a month ??.


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Who cares, with the right development and affiliate links in place that HostGator is a gold mine..

EDIT: Btw, gets 20,000 uniques a month and well over 60,000 hits from the game's players and doesn't even rank in the top 500,000 on Alexa. It also doesn't have a single ad on the front page, what a waste, but they'd spoil it and it's a hobby not a business...

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Since Alexa means absolutely nothing about iPage website traffic, I absolutely believe it's possible. Download the Alexa toolbar and visit your own iPage site several times a day every day and I guarantee you within three months you'll be in the top 100,000...

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Why would you put a HostGator like this on ebay though? Imagine the fees!.

Wonder if he's accepting paypal too....

This HostGator dropped, it was created on the 6th of July this year, which explains why he didn't offload it earlier, I guess..

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I think it's worth high $xx,xxx to low $xxx,xxx...

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Ebay was the wrong place to put it... very bad for high priced auctions due to extreme fees. Great name IMO...

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I think it could potentially be worth 6 figures, if not more...

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I received an email from Ebay that the seller lowered the reserve. Whatever it is now, 40k still doesn't meet it...

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WOW, I hope the seller will exchange his with my

My keyword is better, isn't it?..

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There are tons of premium names on sedo...the guy must have needed a quick sale...

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Up to $73,100.00 with less than 6 hours left...

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I would expect this to make $100+k from a legitimate buyer....

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Down to the final hours. I'm guessing this will reach $100k+ also. Great name..


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I noticed these bids:.

Namebuys( 186Feedback score is 100 to 499) US $30,000.00 Sep-16-06 01:31:48 PDT.

Namebuys( 186Feedback score is 100 to 499) US $25,000.00 Sep-16-06 01:31:39 PDT.

This bidder makes the high bid at that point and nobody placed a higher bid and then he decides to up the bid with another extra $5,000.00 in the next ten seconds..

Quite odd or not?..

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"and is one of the.

More reputable companies that do HostGator appraisals".

Ugh, what a crock...

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No kidding?.


I just noticed that the dates are not in a subsequent order but the amounts are..

So that is what throw me off a bit...

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Depending on what he payed for it..that has to be a great ROI..

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WOW! $111,211.11. I live about 10 minutes away from that town. Maybe some of that will rub off on me!!!..

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Wow! I bet he is happy. I know I would be. Thats a good price...

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