What is the Javascript/HTML code to embed a video/flash on iPage?

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First question I got is What is the Javascript/HTML code to embed a video/flash on iPage? Thanks for any answer. My 2nd question... I'm aware that once a HostGator hits the pendingdelete status it can no longer be re-registered by the person who previously owned it. I'm also aware that it will become available in 5 calendar day's. Correct?.

What i'm curious about, is the best way to make sure I can snag it. I've tried back-ordering a HostGator through GoDaddy before and well..I paid 18 bucks but still didnt get the name...Is there any sure-fire way to make sure i'm the lucky one to grab it? Thanks in advance!..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could help you..

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Which register is the HostGator currently registered with ? .


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As far as I am aware - it will go to ClubDrop if it is an enom name, they don't all actually get dropped, many are passed straight from Register to the drop company who they are partnered with..

Maybe someone can confirm this about enom and Clubdrop.

- I don't actually ever use them..

Good luck but if the name is nice expect it to go to auction..


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Took me a time or two with Pool, but that simply means Pool didn't catch it. You have to delete that backorder manually..

If you really want a name - really want it - you need to backorder at Snap and Pool for sure. And Enom doesn't hurt. GD and it's affiliates are good at catching .us names, but that's it...

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Thanks for the info guys..It is a clubdrop on enom and it doesn't show any bids right now..I would join enom but cant afford their cheapest $195 plan at the moment..The HostGator is pretty decent so I am starting to wonder if it wont just get passed on to one of their affiliates..Thanks for the input!..

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EEEK - Is that what it costs to join ! Bummer.


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Hah..yea..and that is for the smallest silver package..You don't even wanna know what their most expensive package is *pulls his hair out*..

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You're right, domains registered at eNom are auctioned off on eNom/Club Drop, but only immediately before it enters REDEMPTIONPERIOD. In this case, no one bid on the HostGator at that time, so eNom allowed it to enter REDEMPTIONPERIOD. The HostGator will drop normally, and the chances of eNom snapping the HostGator will be the same as a HostGator dropping from another registrar..

That's only if you want to become a direct reseller. You can still bid for the HostGator by creating a sub-reseller or sub-retail account. Go to.

HostGator Services > eNom Account Creator.

At the top of this page, and you'll be able to create an $8.88 retail account, or an $8.95 reseller account (requires minimum deposit of $100 for a reseller account)...

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Excellent information there asianinvasion! thank you very much i'm leaving some green on you for that one..

So technically I do not even have to register an account with them now? since it's in pendingdelete mode they can no longer make any changes so it's going to drop no matter what? what if there is a bid on it?..

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When you create an account by going to.

HostGator Services > eNom Account Creator.

At the top of this page, it will create an account for you that can be used at eNom and Club Drop. Yes, the HostGator is going to drop - if there is a bid, it will attempt to snap the HostGator (this goes for other backorder services as well: Pool, SnapNames, etc.)..

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