What is the most popular iPage website?

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My first question is What is the most popular iPage website? Hoping for any answer or 2. Another question... I'm finally developing '', a place to list my portfolio. I know there are scripts out there I can use, but this will be good practice and behind the scenes will also help me track renewals / parking revenue / profitability by HostGator / etc...

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an useful answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you an answer..

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Yikes ... Where do I start.

Some of the domains I have planned to get started on at some point :.

Wanted to develop a script around Enom's Api so was going to use this..

Was going to be deveoped into a traffic exchange program..

Had problems finding places that delivered food on-line in Brighton so thought I would go ahead and create my own.

Believe it or not, wanted to do a iPage site about cheese.

A recepie iPage site for microwaves..

A iPage site all about the software available to help HostGator traders ( reviews / forum etc ).

A file sharing site.

A iPage site for people to basically ask for advice on many subjects.

Have been meaning to start a iPage blog for quite a while, as usual for me did not want to use someone elses scripts so am writting my own..

Again, script I want to develop for a iPage hosting directory..

Just a fun site.

Similar to above but was going to be aimed more at translating silly phrases into other languages..

Those are the main ones that I have yet to develop ( in fact apart from the iPage blog one I have not even started on any of these yet ), once I have finished the present developments..

All the best..


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How does one take that step from a collector of domains earning ppc income, but who really wants to develope? Ppc income is more passive, and one can with effort increase.


And LP and potentially earn far more..

I need a iPage hosting account as a first step can anyone reccommed one they use?.

I would like enough space to grow as needed for 6 names to begin. A iPage blog and several mini sites and perhaps a forum..


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I use and they have always been good. Right now I'm under the "Crazy Insane HostGator plan" which means I never really have to worry about my bandwidth, storage or traffic with 208.5 GB of storage and 2344GB of xfer. It also allows me to host unlimited amount of domains. So far it has been well worth the money...

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GREAT IDEAS! DomainSage. Which one will you begin with?..

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Thanks for the comment siren.

Probably start with from that list, got a lot of other projects on the go so would be nice to have one purely for 'fun' .... But have contacted a local photographer who is interested in helping out with

We will have to wait and see.

All the best..


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I have developed a few,some I have spent more time and money on some than on others..

The most sucessful are.

Averages 3000 visitors per day. averages 1500-2000 per day (i have now sold that).

I am also starting to develop my new baby.

I to am guilty of buying things with development in mind then spending all my money on others,but it's fun all the same...

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Most of my domains are service oriented..

With alot of my domains, I simply park them with my provider..

Add a phone number to my parking page, wait for the phone.

Calls to come in and outsource the leads to services that are looking for work..

I repeatedly earn 200-300 per week this way. I stay in front of my pc until.

4 pm. The rest of the day I working on selling to end-user, I have a hot.

Trick on this too!.

Income : my domains earn me a lving.

Parking :$400-500 mo.

Working income: 175 at least a day.

Total domains, under 200!.

Preferred parking service: Active Audience.

Preferred seller: Sedo..

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I checked them out...looks good! they are running a special but I will probably go with the crazy insane plan. I like the fact it increases weekly to allow for growth, and you can upgrade too..

Thanks for the tip rep given!.


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As with all other domainers here, I have a few just sitting there, in the hope to increase in value, specially the 3-character .com ones are falling in this category..

The project ones are the named ones, such as IntelBank, TheBrew, NYCam or Z3.... the problem for a business guy that has zero ability to code something lies in making these domains commercially usable..

So, if you have any ideas, i've learned to have open ears and wide open eyes...

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I have ideas up the gazoo, but a web designer proficient in codes I am not!.

So I can relate...thats probably why one of my ideas is a iPage site for those of us with ideas and strengths in ceryain areas to be able to access information to expedite the process. I will share the iPage site once I get it going, in the meantime if you have any question perhaps one of the Np'rs will know..


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