What is the perfect Easter family dinner Medifast menu?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... What is the perfect Easter family dinner Medifast menu? Thanks for any response. 2nd question I got is.. Anyone have problems pooping????? What do you do???..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you an answer..

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My doc was worried about this after my gall bladder removal...he just gave me a script for stool softeners (which are available off the shelf) if I find I haven't gone in a few days..then I take one in the morning with my vitamins....

I try not to take them regularly though as I don't want my body to rely on them..

Sometimes all I need is a good hot cup of.

Coffee. tends to help things move along....

Comment #2

I'm 9 weeks out and having the same problems. In fact, I just posted this same question the other day and asked if anyone uses.


You can go and read their comments if you want and it might help. I actually have a high intake of water and still struggle. Today I'm going to try.


And keep my fingers crossed. Good luck. Carolyn..

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It is from being dehydrated usually and I just took stool softeners and usually got relief within a day or two. Sip, sip, sip!!!..

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I had trouble for the 1st week but ever since I have gone at 7am every single day without fail. I have never been so regular in my life lol..

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I take omega 3.

Fish oil.

Everyday and it seems to help. Doc said to increase fluid intake and to not rely on laxatives cause they r habit forming...

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I'm 3 yrs out and I still have that issue although since my gallbladder came out last summer it hadn't been a problem up til the last few weeks. Can't figure out what i'm doing differently. I just use stool softeners but there is a great product called Smooth Move Tea and it works sometimes better than you want it too lol...

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Just found out my issues are structural and not related to my diet. A word to the wise: deal with this issue agressively. Some of the damage apparently began with straining during a bout of constipation...

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I called my surgeons office last week over this. The RN's reccomendation was to add fiber to my Medifast diet daily.....




.....etc., also said for immediate use,.



Good luck,.


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.