What is the song used in the Street Dance 3D title Medifast menu sequence?

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Got a question... What is the song used in the Street Dance 3D title Medifast menu sequence? Hoping for any answer. Another question on my mind: I have had pain in my hip for years now since I was about 10 I got in a motercycle accident and they were sure my lower back and pelvis were broken.

The pain just happens to be in the hip joint.

I have told the doctor and multiple others and guess what they never find anything wrong.

I hear the routen "its your weight".

Now I hear "its the weight shifing".

I dunno bout all this kind of info cause I havent had any back issues for a couple mths then all of a suddon between tomorrow and the following day we got a horrible storm coming and my hip started hurting again and pain isnt the word for this I move my leg or what ever I can feel like a grind in the pelvic.

And it is so painfull sometimes that I can not hold my weight with it and I will colapse.

They kept saying though it's ytour weight 138 lbs down and there is still the one spot that still hurts like it use to.

The 24 hr pain I use to get is gone but this one just goes to the one hip joint and when I staind it hurts so bad I can feel it go through my calf.

What am I suppose to do they took tests before surgry to tell me it's all normal but now what.

Any ideas I tried to do streches with it and it made it hurt worse.

With it being that joint it hurts to walk with it hurts to sit hurts to lay I feel ready to cry it hurts that badmy body is in such a uproar that I got the runs with it.

Anyway any options on something to help it ease I will try just about anything depeding on it's requirements though.

My ears are open for all options..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can help you..

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What about asking your doc to see a specialist? Maybe even a chiropractor, my aunt just started seeing one for a problem she said aches and pains all over are feeling much better since they have started. Good luck to you, that is aweful!.


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It sounds like arthritis to me. Whenever we have a big weather system coming my knees swell up so bad sometimes I can barely walk and it's from all the arthritis I have. May need to ask what you can take since most anti-inflammatories are a no no. My doc gave me.


But doesn't really work for me but alot of people say it's great..


It gets better...

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I'm in constant pain like this. Have been since 2005. For me it's from my PLS, and there is nothing they can do for me..

My pain is in my low left side back, left hip and left thigh. I don't walk much, but when I do, with every step, I get sharp shooting pain. The kind that can bring tears to your eyes, and has. As for falling, well the floor and I have been best of friends for years now. I started falling in 2003, every once in a while. As my left leg became weaker, the falls increased..

I use a quad cane for short distance.


(supposed to use a walker), and I have a wheelchair or powerchair or scooter for any distances..

I was truly hoping that losing weight would help, at least with my.


Or pain........but nope it hasn't. According to my PT, I will never get any strength back in my left leg, and after a while, it will be useless altogether..

I refuse to give in, and will stay mobile as long as possible. If it's only for a couple of years, then so be it..

So many people take.


For granted..........cherish it people. I never thought I would get angry by seeing someone, even a child.


, skipping, jumping,.


.........well I have, and I didn't like that feeling. I've accepted now that it won't be me, and am fine with seeing others doing these things..

I guess this post hit home or a special spot for me, since yesterday, last night and so far today, I've had to use that walker most of the time. The weakness, and pain have been awful. I'm sure I'll be better in a day or two..

Stretch, take some.


, maybe add some moist.

Heat.'ll be doing better soon..

Good Luck,.


Nice new pic................

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Vitamins/supplements you should look into taking for your hip joint pain:.



Hyaluronic Acid.


Turmeric/Cumin extract.

These should help lubricate your joints and ease the pain. Ask your surgeon first if it's OK for you to take them. I know you can get a lot of these combined in a single formula, Source Naturals is a really good brand and they make something called Biocell Collagen that works amazingly well..


This helps =)..

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