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First question I got is What new item should be added to our Medifast menu? Thanks for any answer. Another question... I had my.


3 weeks ago and only lost 20 lbs. Should I have lost more weight in that period, I am discouraged...

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could assist you..

Comment #1

Gunners hun,.

20lbs..... I mean wow..

And it's gone forever, please dont be disapointed..... it's so different for all of us....

Weigh out 20lbs of groceries... and be amazed..

Keep up the great work....

Love you less 20lbs.

Buzz xx..

Comment #2

ONLY 20 lbs in 3 weeks?!?! That is GREAT! You wouldn't have lost that in 3 weeks pre-op. It's not something that is going to happen overnight, but it will be fast, you'll see. I lose an average of about 4 lbs a week, so you have me beat!..

Comment #3

I was at 20 lbs at 3 weeks too. And I am really happy about it (except for all the loose skin under my chin - could have used a little more off the belly and kept it under the chin for now..


Comment #4

Normal for sure. Remember that you gain weight in the hospital from all the fluids they inject you with. I came home weighing 12 lbs. more. Smile about the 20, know that it's the start of your journey, your weight will come off, and life is good...

Comment #5

I'd lost about thirty... but it just depends on the person but 20 is really really good :)..

Comment #6

20 lbs in 3 weeks sounds good to only down about 40 in 3 months...but thats nearly half way for I think it's great. I try not to look at what other people be too discouraged!..

Comment #7

Everyone loses weight at a different rate, so do not compare yourself to others. Your weight loss sounds amazing. If you have any more concerns regarding the rate of loss, you should talk to your doctor...

Comment #8

I'm doing about the same at 3 wks out. Lost 15 during the pre-op Medifast diet and then 20 so far in the 3 wks post-op. I'm excited about the loss so far but can relate that it never can come off fast enough :-)..

Comment #9

Next time your in a gym or sports store go find a 20 lb dumbell and pick it up, you'll be surprised at how much fat that is!..

Comment #10

I had my.


3 weeks ago and only lost 20 lbs. Should I have lost more weight in that period, I am discouraged...

Comment #11

I lost around 20 pounds in my first 3 week period as well. I would come on here and see others doing better than I was and it was discouraging. I understood people are different but it was still discouraging to me because I thought it would come off quicker. I was reminded I don't want it coming of too quick and slower was better. I'm almost 3 months out and it is still somewhat slow (in my mind), but I have now lost @ 50 and 5 inches. So I'm starting to feel better mentally. Just keep up the good work and try not to be discouraged, you are doing great...

Comment #12

It took me 7 weeks to lose 20 lbs. I was discouraged with that but you know what? I'm not anymore. I think the slower that I lose it, the better off I'll be. I'm worried about losing my hair so I think the slower it comes off the better!.

Good luck!..

Comment #13

Just imagine 20lbs of butter or potatoes!! that's alot.keep it up...

Comment #14

THATS GREAT ! good job, be proud of yourself I cant wait till I lose 20lbs. ill be a week out on wen..

Comment #15

That is so fantastic!!!!.

Be HAPPY EVERY POUND GONE takes you closer to your goal no matter how big or small..

Your doing so well remember 20lbs took months...

Comment #16

20 lbs in three weeks is great. I only lost 11 in 4 weeks. I am hopeful that I will be now more when I go back in 2 more weeks. Keep up the good work...

Comment #17

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