What number on the McDonalds Medifast menu is the Angus Bacon and Cheese?

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First question I got is What number on the McDonalds Medifast menu is the Angus Bacon and Cheese? Thanks for any comment. Another quick question... What in the world is Pre-Op Prep? What does it entail? How long will I be on this? Any feedback would be great! Thank you!..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could answer your Medifast question..

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Everyones will be different depending on your surgeon. I had to drink glucerna, 5-6 per day, could have cukes, green pepper and celery, sf jello,popsicles etc. I was on for a week. I was hungry but it was not to bad. I was determined to not put one morsel in my mouth I was not supposed to..and I did it! that was 2 months ago!..

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My two week pre-op Medifast diet consisted of drinking the no sugar added carnation instant breakfast CIB (blue box) and having 1 protein shake a day... to get in 60 plus grams of protein...I drank 5 packets of the CIB with 2% milk.. and lost 30 pounds in that two weeks!!! Granted the first 3 days SUCKED.. and I was miserable but it became easy.. because drinking ALL of that had me FULL for the first time in my life (I was never full before.


Because I always ate) .. lol. the pre-op Medifast diet is easy compared to life after.


.. and the whole.. wow I can eat this today,, and it does down well but it make me puke the next day.. lol. I had to contunie with liquids for two weeks after.


.. and I struggled to get it all in like we all do.. because the pouch is healing and anything more than a few ounces of water at a time hurts... I'm glad I had that two week pre-op Medifast diet to build up my protein levels so that for the few weeks after.


I didnt have to worry about getting it all in. because we physically can't.....

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Hi Debs,.

UK Pre Op was a 10 day semi skimmed milk only diet...which was actually really easy..

Its to shrink your liver which has to be moved during.


, it's a very soft organ so the sm,aller the better..

It also gives you a good kick start into weightloss..

Some struggle, some dont but think of it as a necessary evil, the final hurdle pre op if you like.....

Their is nothing set in stone with any surgeon, they are so very very different....

Hopefully yours will be a manageable plan...

Good Luck.

Buzz xx..

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Yep, two week.

Liquid diet.

And then the day before.




To clean all that liquid out and nothing (not even water) after midnight. I only lost 12 pounds on the.

Liquid diet.

And I didn't cheat a once. I took it as a "starting" challenge to prove to myself I could do this.....

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Wow. My pre op was quite simple..

I wasnt put on any diet. I had to get the usual blood work, EKG, chest xray and psychiatric evaluation. Once I finished all of those I met with the surgeon and had a.


Date 5 days later..

I had an amazing surgeon. I.


You are just as lucky...

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I'm glad it's worked for you guys, but I'm glad my surgeon does NOT do the two-week.

Liquid diet.

Thing before.



We still had to.

Lose weight.

(I had to lose 21#), but it MUST be done through changing your Medifast diet and habits..

It's for the same reasons, shrinking the liver and such... but I feel doing it like this was a heck of a lot better for me as it helped me really start working on the habits I needed post op..

Since my insurance required 6-mo supervised weight loss prior to.


Anyways, this worked out well and I actually lost 55 (of the 188 total lost to date) before.



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