What would be the ideal catered Medifast menu for a class reunion?

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First off, What would be the ideal catered Medifast menu for a class reunion? Looking forward for any answer. Second question.. OK so I'm in serious need of encouragement/advice/suggestments and/or anything any of you can think of..

I'm on day 3 and it feels like I'm going to give UP...the problem is I am not really getting the necessary 1000 calories suggested because I don't drink milk, not into shakes, and OH the cream of soups are D-I-S-G-U-S-T-I-N-G!.

I don't mean to be a whiner but HOW DID YOU GUYS GET PASS THIS PART?.

I feel irritated, frustratred, hungry, dizzy, tired & just plain 'ol STARVING...I understand that THIS is what I have to do in order to have a safe, successful & complications free.


But man oh man I feel so bad..

To be honet...even.


This I feel awful....because people are like "oh well this is what you got yourself into because you're so fat" oh and my other favorite..."you can go a while before you need to eat" you know because I'm fat..



As many "posts" as I can I know that THIS is just the beginning so I HATE being feeling like this is HARD when I know this thing does NOT get any easier.....

Any advice????..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could help you..

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I don't want to come off as being unsympathetic.. but this is just the beginning.....

This is not a miracle cure and there are going to be many things down the road that are going to throw you for a loop..for the rest of your life! Yes the pre-surgery Medifast diet is a pain in the butt.. I think we all agree on that, and it is something that they tell us about on day one..

The first week of the pre-op.

Liquid diet.

Is the hardest and there are going to be things about it you don't like.. it's not about what you are "into".. it's about what ya have to do. the shakes and added protein are going to be a FACT of life from here on out.. there is no getting past that. Sometimes we just have to "buck up" and do what we have to to get things started.

Liquid diet.

Things get much easier. You need to look deep inside yourself and pull up the inner strenth necessary to get yourself through this..

I am 11 months out and there are days when I am only able to drink a shake and I know that this is all part of the life change I took on. I know people say mean things.. and that is not going to change either.. people are the way they are. If I have learned anything on this road to recovery it's that sometimes tough love is necessary. We arent always going to like having to do any of this..

I wish you the best and I.


You find the strength necessary to pull yourself through this.. this.


Isnt for wimps.. hehe.. Good Luck.. and please take this the right way and don't feel attaced. We have to do what we have to do.. and the sooner we come to that realization the better... (((HUGS)))..

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Yeah this is definitely something I am "bucking-up" I have decided to have this.


To save my life...this is all new to me and I am simply finding my way thru all my anxiety......

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Hi queenie hun,.

All of us have different experiences with the pre op diet, some take to it well others not so well and having trouble with some of the foods on your list leaves you with little option..

Try speaking to your team and asking if you can substitute some of the foods or drinks....

I amanged a 10 day milk only Medifast diet and did really well, but then I do love milk..

You will be surprised how diferent things are after.


, the "I dont feel hungry" feeling is awesome, the small ammounts of Medifast food that has you staisfied early on will be amazing for you...

So for now.... you are right to keep focused, to andure.


Does not need the added risks of cheating in the pre op Medifast diet stage, this is a time you should be considering everything you do now will help with the surgary and hopefully create less risks of complications....

You can do it, perhaps by changing some of the foods..... If you are really stuggling talk to your team, thy might be able to give you some more options....

Just know it will be over soon, eating habbits do change..or is it the opperated on my head too.....

I went in to my op starving hungry and came out a completley different person....

I am a better person now and plan to improve even more....

For your health you can do this, for your future you can.....

Feel for you right now, wishing you well....


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I hun I now what you are going through an at the same thin hun so haung in ther I have to do a moth of this so we can do it to gether.


And if you wont you can add me as a frind..

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Well OMG today has started off a much better day then yesterday. I think I just needed to get my "whine" on...LOL.

Thank you to the responses and was EXACTLY what I needed!..

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Hello there - I have to agree with UpNorth Guy. This is definitely a hard thing and that 1 week is only the beginning. I think.


Is the easy part!! I can say that and laugh now that it's over. It's the after part that's hard. When you.


The hospital you will be on stage 3 and it's that same Medifast diet again- shakes, cream soups, etc and it is disgusting but you just get through it and then they advance you to stage 4 and it just gets better. It's okay. you'll be fine! It's just a small amount of time and then we just work on getting thin. YAY!!.

Good luck! You can get your whine on here anytime, too. This place is good for that!..

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