What would be your dream Medifast menu plan for an entire day?

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My first question is What would be your dream Medifast menu plan for an entire day? Thanks for any response. Another quick question... I was dying for something sweet & I came across SUGAR FREE OREOS! I just ate one with a cup of.


And they were nothing short of amazing! They dont even taste sugar free, it's crazy!!.

Im about 3 and a half weeks post this bad? I know snacking is bad but is it really THAT bad if I do it once in a great while =D..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you an answer..

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Hi I,.

Snacking has sent me on the wildest plateau for the last 5-6 weeks..

Once in a while becomes too often hun, it's all too easy.... I know how you feel and that one treat wont hurt..... but one becomes two, two becomes three and so on...

Please dont go down the route I did.....

Its a real frustrating and very very emotional.......

Sugar free or not... if you can manage just the one, then fine... if you see it leading to more please reconsider..

Love ya.

Buzz xxx..

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I would caution you against it. Especially when it tastes so good. We often get fooled with the sugar free labels. Often high in calories, or may still allow you to think you can eat and eat because, after all they are sugar free. For me at 10 months post op...I'm not eating anything like that. I agree with Andy, you'll hit plateaus quicker with snacking..

For that sweet tooth, try the new Jello s/f mousse in chocolate or carmel flavors. Or, better yet, a little sugar free apple sauce and soon, maybe 1/2 and orange or peach. The real Medifast food is always better for us than what we've been use to eating. And, yes, I know the mousse is a s/f dessert, but you benefit from some.


And likely not something you'd over due with. If it is, however, then I'd skip that too. Why temp yourself or over eat?..

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Snacking is not bad, but during this "honeymoon phase" after our.


, we need to learn (and practice) new snacking techniques so we don't fall back into weight gain and obesity issues again. Try snacking on things that provide nutritional benefits, such as nuts, fruit and crunchy veggies. When you think it's okay to snack on anything sugar-free, you're setting yourself up for problems. (I use to cut calories by drinking Medifast diet soda!) The lie (to ourselves) continues.....

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Oreos would definately be my downfall. Damn, and I thought those kinds of Medifast food would be off the table for good. Oh, and be sure to check the fat content - sugar-free foods often make up for taste with high fat content. Our post GBS bodies really cannot process that kind of food...

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I am also having a problem with snacking. Some old habits are hard to break. I am 7 months out and just started having "snacking" issues. Once you start it is very hard to stop. I rationalize it by saying things like "oh, this little bit won't hurt me"....and then end up eating a 1/2 cup of cheez its...only to want more after. So, I agree with everyone else...don't will get worse...

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I would be careful as well. At 3 weeks post op, to start snacking right away is not wise. I have no more cravings at all anymore and I know it is because of my diet..

Doctors have different restrictions and I was a little upset with mine at first. But I know understand why they were so strict. It works and I truly don't have any cravings at all anymore. Getting the unhealthy processed foods out of the system is key. This is going to help me keep it off in the long run. I did this in phases as everyone else has to do, but basically I am allowed only meats (no beef) , veggies, eggs and dairy.

I'll be on this Medifast diet until I lose at least 75% of my excess weight..

Foods that are easily digested like flour, processed foods are able to be consumed faster and thus you eat more of them. So be really careful..

Now, the first month for me really sucked. Because I did have those cravings but as I stuck to the Medifast diet those cravings have all gone. I can even watch the Medifast food Network station and I'm ok!!!! Good luck to you and it's always best to listen to your doctor, I just thought it wouldn't hurt to share what's working for me...

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I don't have any experience with this since I had.


Only 3 days ago, but they did talk a little about it in my pre-op class. Something they said really stuck with me...Some of the rules I've been given include only eating 3 meals a day, lasting no longer than 20 minutes each meal (no drinking with the meal or 30 minutes before or after). Here is the part that might help you; the nutritionist did say that we could eventually occasionally have something sweet if we ate it as one of those 20 minute meals (protein first, of course)..


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Ok, my new favorite snack is No sugar added Klondike bar. 7Grams of sugar in the whole thing with 4 grams of protein. Better than nasty old pudding. I'm tired of it. I eat 1 at night with my vitamin, like I used to do with pudding!.

Stay strong,.


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My daughter (Miss skinny mini) bought a box one day to crave her sweet. She asked me if I wanted to try one as Oreos were one of my favorites. I grabbed the box from her,started.


The ingredients and said NO NO NO not for me!.

They have 17 grams of alcoho..SUGAR no way would I touch them ,.

Had they of been made with the splenda instead than possibly after 2 yrs. I mite.I was told by my R.D. to stay completely away that later when I am further out I can only have suger free items made with splenda still in a small amount..

We all have to make our choices and for me I choose it,s not worth it for me..


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I was dying for something sweet & I came across SUGAR FREE OREOS! I just ate one with a cup of.


And they were nothing short of amazing! They dont even taste sugar free, it's crazy!!.

Im about 3 and a half weeks post this bad? I know snacking is bad but is it really THAT bad if I do it once in a great while =D..

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You have to tell me where I can find sugar free oreo cookies,I have searched everywhere for sugar free oreo cookies,maybe I have to look a bit harder, Happy Valentines Day ......

Comment #12

I found them in two places so far. Albertsons Grocery Store and Walgreens..


Good luck and happy valentines to you too!..

Comment #13

Please be careful during this time..

Stay away.

From these foods if you can. Stick to the eating plan you have been given and remember why you had this.


Take care...

Comment #14

Cipriana I bought those sugar free klondike bars and was so excited then saw the fat!! It's like 9 grams! Can you eat them and you're okay? I just gave them to my husband and step son and had 1 bite. It was good...

Comment #15

Yeah, it's actually 10grams of fat, but I only eat a half of one.....when I do eat them! I can't help it.....they are sooooo good!.


Comment #16

Skinny cow fat free and sugar free ice cream sandwiches arent bad either!..

Comment #17

I agree with others here who caution you on this. Here are the nutional facts:.


Oreos, even the sugar-free kind, are a high-carb, high-fat, low protein Medifast food with precious little quality nutrition. In addition, nearly 1/2 of the total calories come from fat..

It's true that one or two on very rare occassions are not going to hurt you, but the problem is that they can very quickly become a habit and almost without noticing, you end up consuming more than you should. The best policy for a GBS patient would be to consider them poisonous and.


Them entirely...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.