What would the description of a keylogger be in task manager Medifast menu?

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Quick question... What would the description of a keylogger be in task manager Medifast menu? Looking forward for any response. Second question.. I need some advice here please!!!.

I just had my GBS.


On Jan 13th -1 week ago today and I am so hungry it's insane today I was at the walk-in to get one of the incisions re-closed and was there for 5 hours and gave in to pizza while I was waiting because I was ready to eat one of my limbs if I had to wait any longer! The problem is Medifast food goes down without much difficulty and I have had no pain or dumping syndrome or even gas...I already feel like a failure and it's only been a week...I am so disappointed in myself..

Please don't think negative of me because I do take this.


VERY seriously and I don't want to mess it up. Overall I have been doing well and when I am at home I am strict and stick to clear fluids. I am worried that I may be hurting myself in the process or that maybe the.


Wasn't done properly...I will discuss these issues it the surgeon when I see him next although if I am completely honest I am pretty sure I will get yelled at and I deserve it. Thanks for.


...any similar experiences out there?..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can help you..

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Hey jenny,.

You are not a failure. Do you have a psych person at your doctor's office? Sounds like you are going thru emotional eating issues. I to do this, but I try to remember that if it's emotional then you have to eat one thing(pizza). If it's true hunger, you can wait a little and get something better for you. Emotional is a specific Medifast food and it's right now. Hungry is anything, and can wait.

Try eating something better for you first. By the time you eat it you'll be full and won't eat the bad stuff..

Finally, (I don't want to sound bad, but I want to be honest) I'm an RN and worked post.


Following GBS. I do remember about 8 years ago a lady coming in 1.5 weeks post op who had 1 bite of pizza.......the dough blocked her from emptying her pouch. She suffered for hours, her sutures tore and she had to go back for.


And begged to die! I think that a lot of time we don't think about what could happen if we don't follow the diet. It's not just we gain weight. We could die....I've seen about 5 people who passed away following this.


And all but 1 was because they didn't follow their surgeon's order. I don't want anything bad to happen to you, or anyone else on this site. So, please try to follow your plan. Ask for some help from your.



Love ya,.


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I am 10 weeks out today and since about 3 weeks out I too get hungry. I read all these posts on this site about how people are a whole year out and they never get hungry. I don't understand how come some people aren't hungry and some of us are? Please try to stay positive and try and take your mind off being hungry. Good luck!!..

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Thank you so much!!!!.

That's what I needed to hear!!!!! I had no idea of the repercussions of what I did and I needed to know...I do not want to die and I didn't know I could cause a blockage! I knew I needed a.

Liquid diet.

Right now but didn't know why..

How long was it after the bite of pizza did that lady start having problems?..

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I have heard the same horror story as cipirana wrote about. It can tear you sutures and that only means big "unnecessary" trouble. And as Chris said, ALWAYS carry a protein bar with you for times when you really think you COULD eat one of your limbs (lol)...

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My doctor said he only loset one patient from the gastric bypass surgrey. She went home and ate pizza 2 weeks after surgrey. She tore on of the staples out from inside and bleed to death. don't want that to happen to you. Please stay on your liquids. It is mostly head hungrey it will pass.

Just don't sallow it...

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I am 1 1/2 weeks out and found that I do get hungry sometimes when I'm thinking I shouldn't. Since I'm still at home I have some cottage cheese which for me goes down very good and fills the void, plus it has the protein..

I'm hoping we adjust to the hungry thing too and I'm sure we will, but we have to take the proper steps, when I read that you had pizza by eyes just about fell out, please be careful..

Let us know how you are doing..


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I really don't believe you are really having actual hunger pains. I think it is more "mind" hunger. Just keep sipping your water and stay on the clear liquids until it is time to change to pureed foods. Each doctor has a different schedule for transitions, so just follow yours..

Take care of yourself and remember we are all here to listen and add our "2 cents worth! :)..

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I just can't go through all this to be that hungry after this.



My friend had the surgey and did not have this problem..

She is a year out now and hasn't complained yet..

I feel really bad for you Jenny..

Maybe you should talk to your Dr..

If he can't help then I am sure as others say this will pass...

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I get hungry also, I am 5 weeks out today..

I did not think I would be hungry again either. I live out in the country so when I.


My house I make sure I pack my Medifast food for the day, pack extra just in case also. my doctors office gave me sample meal plan for each stage of eating I am on pureed So I will take the days worth with me.


This helps.


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