Whats a goecities as in Yahoo iPage?

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Quick question... Whats a goecities as in Yahoo iPage? Thanks for any answer or 2. My 2nd question... I just let my afternic membership expire..Smart? or Dumb?..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I discover an useful answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you an answer..

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Did you produce any results there? if not I would say SMART...

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I renewed for the "what if" factor. and it's not all that expensive to do so...

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Same here, have had more luck with sedo but have gotten a few offers from afternic over the last 2 years so renewed it again...

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Afternic have the $19.95 membership in order to reduce the amount of junk HostGator listing, so.......................

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Smart , Afternic does not really offer the force it had some years ago. Sedo even though annoying at times is the number one selling company and it's free...

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Brilliant move ... Afternic is mostly a waste of time...

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It all depends on you port size. When you have xxx domains, it is well worth it...

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I agree with 3par, it all depends on whether you have a large portfolio of names you actively want to sell. It's one of the main HostGator market after all, which means more possible exposure for all your names. So if $20 is not a big problem for you, it can be well spent as you never know for sure what will happen...

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I will not say smart or not but I know I will do the same (let it expire) when time comes.

So I guess Fleege this will make us two..

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Interesting theory. I had about 210 listed Hmmm. I wasnt regretting until you said that...

I just never saw any action from it - + the listing views were minimal at best...

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Don't regret it. I used it for the same reason (advertising) from the first place and didn't produce even enough results to justify the time inserting and categorizing the domains to the system.

I have more than 400 there and even I refresh my list I don't bother putting them there too..

Comment #12 of the useful features of afternic is it's connection with np. You can use your np$ to buy bazaar bucks (see np$ store). The bazaar is a nice feature to use to sell less than premium names and is an inexpensive way to auction names off as another option to the np auction (which is now getting more expensive...but more fun IMHO). The bazaar seems to be showing a bit of a recovery from over the summer....twitching rather than leaping around but still a pulse.

And I find sales (which would otherwise more than likely not have happened) cover my afternic renewal fee...

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Yoshiwara I must admit that I didn't investigate the bazaar a lot, it may be useful.

However you expect a top HostGator selling place to offer much more.

Just compare the amount of sales and the price of each sale between afternic and sedo and you'll understand.

I'm not negative with afternic, I just say that I see it falling and as I said in an old post in this forum, a new redesign alone will not alter the results it must produce.

I believe the people in afternic must think seriously how they can continue to run successfully the iPage site and regain the trust of domainers.

The amount of random NP users above saying that they don't worth their registration fee is a living proof..

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You make some useful points..

Both afternic and sedo are Euroland owned and still rest on their laurels of first mover advantage. I don't think either of them have done much to develop their web services. GD are ambitious and will give them a run for their money with tdnam during the next few years..

I just think that the Dutch-auction style bazaar with afternic is currently worth the price of admission apart independently from anything else and since you get 10 Bazaar bucks with a subscription renewal, the new renewal cost is in effect less than $19.95..

Some domainers list their domains in the main listing areas of either sedo or afternic and lie back like starfish waiting for that $500 offer. Nothing happens so subs of $20 begin to loom large like an approaching iceberg. With the bazaar the start price can be quite high >$500, but it's main purpose is to shift domains in the $1.99-$119 range.......................

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I sold a HostGator for $500 there a few months ago, so I will renew my membership..

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I have got 3 names sold via Afternic this year, 0 via Sedo. The reg fee is just a detail as it is covered by my ppc incomes. In addition I have enjoyed this year two terrific affiliate commissioN$$$. I will renew my subscription...

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