What's a good Royal Inspired Medifast menu?...10 points?

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My 1st question is: What's a good Royal Inspired Medifast menu?...10 points? Hoping for any answer. Second question.. I am almost a year out (Jan 29th) and I am having a terrible time, it started last Wednesday and it felt just like when I had to have emergency.


For gallbladder and hernia back in August. I had a cat scan and nothing showed up. I can't eat or drink without bending over in pain and then I have to take pain meds so that it will go away. It feels like someone is taking a knife and stabbing it into my pouch. My sergeon said she thinks my pouch might be irrietated but she gave me some stuff to treat it as it is an ulcer and it doesn't help at all. She told me to call her Friday if it's not better but I don't think I can handle the pain that long..any ideas? I have lost 10 lbs since Wednesday!..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could help you..

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I am sorry to hear of your recent troubles...I remember you had your.


Shortly before I did. I tell you my view on pain is, it's an indication something isn't right. Do you always need to go see the doctor...? Maybe not at first, but since it's continued several days and is VERY painful, from the sound of things, I am not sure I'd try and hold out til Friday. Maybe a call back to the doctor's telling them the meds don't seem to be helping, and in fact it may be getting worse. They SHOULD fit you in ASAP, I'd think..

Let us know what you learn..


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Are you able to hold your Medifast food and drink down? I think I would be calling my Dr or going to the emergancy room. If your having that much pain it can't be good. I.


Things get better for you quickly. Keep us posted...

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My sister had a lot of pain a while after her gall bladder was removed and it turned out she had a gall stone in the duct. that was serious. please get your doctor to listen to you or go to your gp or emergency. my prayers are with you...

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I did go to the emergency room and they said that nothing showed up on the cat scan and then I went to my gbs surgeon and she said that it is very unlikely that I would have problems with my pouch this far out. She said she could tell I was in a lot of pain and that maybe it was an ulcer or kidney stones but the problems is that I can't eat or drink with bending over in pain. the worse part is that they gave me.


And something called the pink cocktail in the hospital and it made the pain even worse. So know I don't have any pain meds at all, just the stuff to treat ulcers which does nothing, I don't know where to turn next, My husband is so mad that they are making me try this medication until Friday when it doesn't even help me. Yes I did have my gallbladder out all ready..thanks for all the replies...

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Obviously something isn't right. I would keep INSISTING that someone help you....go back to the ER or call the doc and literally cry out that it HURTS. Make them check for kidney stones NOW, make them run another CT scan NOW. They can't just ignore a person in that much pain unless you let them. I believe I have a high pain tolerance so when I'm in pain I know my body and I know somethings not right. There has to be more tests they can do to either find or rule out other things. I do know ulcers are one of the "risks" of GBS but there are tests to determine if that is what you have....not just an "it might be"...

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You can still have blocked ducts even if the gallbladder has been removed!!!!.

You could also be dealing with adhesions, these can cause strictures. They have been known to grow around the intestine and not allow much to pass..

Go back to your surgeon TODAY. Sometimes they need to be rapped on the head for them to get moving! Be your own advocate, stay on them..



This gets better for you soon!!!.

Sunshine and Wishes!.


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You still might have a stone even if your GB is out. I had one that shut down my liver this past fall. I even had all the scans, mri, even sonogram and they showed nothing! it took a simple xray to show it. three visits to the ER and the fourth ( in a weeks time ) they found the stone and did emergenct.


To remove it. keep calling your doctor and insisting something is wrong and they need to find it! three docotrs missed mine and almost cost me a.

Liver transplant.


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I would call the surgeon and request and upper GI (Endoscope). Let them look at the pouch......then tell you there is nothing wrong. I tell patients alllllllll the time. You know having excruciating pain is not, don't let a doctorate degree convince you otherwise!.


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