What's better iPage vs webhostingpad ?

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My question is What's better iPage vs webhostingpad ? Many thanks for any answer or 2. Another question... I am finally 100% organized, I think..

I have all of my domains totals near 60 (feel sorry for those with hundreds or even thousands of domains) all parked where I want them parked, all listed where I want them listed, all priced the way I want them priced, and some have mini sites with adsense. Atleast 12 I'm watching traffic on with analytics at

All listed on sedo, afternic, afternicexchange, moniker, freenameexchange, with a few feature listings, an ad placed at, ads also posted here and there on myspace and hmmmm.......

Am I missing anything? Should I also list them all at tdnam? If yes, well I guess I'm only 98% organized.



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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you an answer..

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Thanks, I had to get organized because spring is here and sadly it's time to go back to working fulltime. Won't be able to spend as much time domaining as I'd like. So really needed to put everything in place and just sit back and wait. With of course the occasional HostGator buy and hopeful sales...

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You are not organized until you have a list of when each domains expires, with the ones which will expire first on top. Sure, the registrar will send you a notice ahead of time, but it's better to be prepared , so you can make sure you can afford to renew..

I only say this, because I don't have this list ready! I always wait until the last minute (I have quite a few more than 60!)Sometimes, it too late, some expired, and I can't afford to renew..


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Go to godaddy etc... click all of my domains, when that loads click on the expires word in the column which will organize them in order of which one expires first all the way down the list, hit printable list and print the page, I have a paper list for each register printed just in case the emails from the register don't get through, you could also use to monitor all of your domains and a parking account at shows you all kinds of graphs and what domains expire each month for free including email notification, I use other things as well so basically I get 3 emails when each name is about to expire and I have a paper printout as well and a spreadsheet so each HostGator has at least 5 methods for me to see it before it expires 3 of them being emails, so if something drops from my end I truly wanted it to drop...

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Just posted my new ad and iPage blog on my myspace page too. Mostly went to my friends. Need to do alot more of this..

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And next, my ebay domainers guide LOL..

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Have not had the time to organize, I always wait until I have the time, but this has.

Never happened..

I keep telling myself to do this after I file my tax..

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