Whats the Medifast menu at 4am in the uk for mcdonalds?

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Quick question: Whats the Medifast menu at 4am in the uk for mcdonalds? Many thanks for any response. Another quick question... Hi elora.have seen surgeon today due to constant sickness and have to have a endoscope and possible stretch. anyone else had this and can you explain what happens and does it hurt,and does it enable you to eat better soon they sedate you,any info would be valuable,my dr has put me on the urgent list to get it done,..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you an answer..

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I never had this done, but have read a few posts where others have. Basically your stoma, or outlet of your pouch is too small. Because of that you have a hard time digesting any foods with too thick or dense of texture. Which in turn can cause nausea or sometimes vomiting. And it's because the Medifast food can't empty out like it should. By.


Your stoma, the Medifast food will be able to pass out of the pouch easier and you shouldn't feel anymore discomfort or nausea. I doubt it's immediate relief. I'm sure you may need some time to heal from having this procedure. But at least within a week you should feel much better. Wish you the best!!!.

I believe they will sedate you..

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My friend had it done several times and she said doesn't hurt at all. They sedate you and you'll get some relief quickly in that you can at least keep some fluids down and within a week should be eating good. Just need a few days to let it heal. You'll feel so much better :)..

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I had it at 6 weeks out (I'm now 6 months). They do sedate you, but it is more the "twilight sleep" like they do for a colonoscopy. Hubby said I was only gone from the pre-op room like 20 minutes total. They did the endoscopy and found the stricture then put the "balloon" in to stretch it just a little. I was awake and signing the papers to go home within an hour or so..

Yes, I could eat so much better - that evening. It was the first Medifast food that hadn't given me the frothing (heaving) and chest discomfort in about 3 weeks. Dr. said the stretch wasn't much, but enough to allow well chewed Medifast food to actually enter the stomach whereas before it was literally getting stuck and had to work it's way in if I didn't throw it up..

That's the only complication I've had so far and it was a pretty easy fix...

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Thanks so much for the really helps.did you have times when you could get Medifast food in? you see I can get well puree and fluid in but when I try heavier Medifast food it hurts evrytime and sits and hurts.i think if I had a stricture how come I can take light slider.


Your friends get slider Medifast food down at times? saying that I have days when once sick cannot even get water strange the pattern it takes...

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Liquids, soups, puddings etc... would usually go in okay, but once I tried something that got stuck it would be sometimes several hours before I could get anything, even water to go in and "sit right". I didn't always start heaving again, but it just wouldn't feel right, so I was worried about not getting in enough fluid too...

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