Whats the name of the flicka main Medifast menu song?

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Got a question... Whats the name of the flicka main Medifast menu song? Hoping for any response. Another question on my mind: Well, I have been sneaking around and.


But have not really been on the boards for a while. I am just now, a little over 3 weeks out, feeling a little human again. I have been experimenting withsoft foods and found some that work and some that do not even come close! I am drinking my protein (60G in one shake from GNC) and water and I have managed to get my weight down to around 235 (STARTED AT 275) I have not moved from 235ish for a week, but I know it's because Im starting to add some Medifast food into my diet. I have been.


But have not hit the pool or treadmill yet, dr wants me to wait until 4 weeks after.


I am still very very tired most of the time however my belt buckle is 2 rows shorter and people at work are amazed saying my face looks skinnier! I guess when I see myself everyday I dont see what I have lost. I miss some foods, but I knew that would happen. My husband has tried to be so good, for a treat he bought some Italian ice...he told me it was fat free (ok so he missed the SUGAR FREE) Have not had the heart to tell him why I have not tried it yet.......

Ill try to be on a bit more soon, just so darn tired when I get home from work!.


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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you an answer..

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I hear or read this stuff about.


All the time here, where people think that.


Even on a treadmill is restricted???? NOT. You should be AT LEAST.


Vigorously. The restriction is on lifting and straining etc. The sooner you get out there moving around you'll start to get stronger and rebuild your muscle mass. So much of this massive early weight loss is also muscle loss(make no doubt about it). Protein, water and.


In that order and you'll be just fine!.


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Liz........your doing great. Keep up the good work..

Are you sure that your Italian Ice isn't sugar free, because I buy some at Walmart?.

Also don't be afraid if it isn't SF to tell hubby, you don't want him wasting money, when he's just trying to be helpful. I don't think he'd be hurt or offended, I'm sure he'll be happy to know just what to look for..

As for being so tired...........Oh boy.......I was so fatigued for almost 3 months, but I healed a bit slower than normal, so hopefully you'll be doing better soon. Are you getting vitamins in?.


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U sound just about like me after I first had mine... awesome... girlie. keep it up n dont get discourages the scale stalls on us all lol..

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You are doing great. Thanks for sharing with us..

I'm glad you're still with us. Keep coming back...

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60grams in one shake! Wow, but I hate to tell you this, but we cannot absorb more then around 20grams of protein at a time, so you're really not getting all of the 60 grams that you think you are :(. And remember even when the scales don't move the inches are coming off! Good job..

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You are doing wonderful. I just wanted to let ya know that according to my nut, and from what I've read. The body can not absorb more than 30grams of protein at one time. So you are not getting all your protein in. Try and split it up. You may see better results.

I contribute it to lots of water, and 2 20gram protein shakes a day. Also, If you don't.

Lose weight.

Everyday don't be discouraged. I think your body stops losing weight to catch up with your weight loss. Seems that when you don't lose still lose inches..

Good luck,.


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Good job I am 3 weeks out and back to the treadmill 2 miles a day, but got sick and back to the hospital strep pneomonia and you t I doing good now back to the treadmill tommorrow but my weight loss not good as some 23#..

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