When can you start to save the Pokemon Black/White game using the in-game Medifast menu?

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First question I got is When can you start to save the Pokemon Black/White game using the in-game Medifast menu? Looking forward for any answer or 2. Second question.. Ok, I need to know if anyone else feels this way because I got a look from a lady at the dr office yesterday that had GBS and she thought I was insane!!! lol.

I am obviously large enough to have GBS, but I know I am fighting less of a battle than a lot of you, my friends are. I have been heavy since high.


, every year seeming to add a size, and once in my 20's I suffered a very emotional break up and went from a 20 to a 12 in 30 days, not exactly the healthy approach, but it is what it is..

I am a size 20, I weigh 250 as of yesterday, that was my biggest weigh in ever... and when I walk by a mirror I am shocked to see the fat chick looking back at me. I KNOW I am a size 20, but when I see other women, I think to myself, "I.


I get in control before I get that size" And I AM that size, sometimes bigger!!! I totally feel like I am a skinny girl trapped in this body just waiting to come out. I know most people feel the opposite when they lose the weight they have trouble being smaller. Am I the only one that feels like this? I think it might help me when I am smaller, or cause me total problems and I'll be seeing a therapist several hours a week to work it out... I dont know, anyone got any oppinions? Or does anyone feel the same way, or felt the same way?..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can help you..

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Buzz I hear the space suit adds a good 10#"s!..

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I can ABSOLUTELY relate to what you've said. I haven't really had a major weight problem just lots of yo-yo dieting for years, lose 20, gain 30, lose 40, gain 50, etc. When I hit 200 pounds, I thought "OMG, that is my limit" but every time I went to the dr. even after "dieting" I would gain 2 or 3 pounds a month. I got up to 230 (my highest weight ever-I'm only 5'3"). It took seeing pictures of me to finally realize that I had definitely lost the battle of the bulge this time, menopause certainly did not help, then the health issues started piling up on me and I realized that I HAD to do something or I would end up just like one of my older sisters (severely obese and hardly mobile).

My brain could not comprehend that I was the fat person in the mirror, or in the pictures or in the relection of a window. I have lost 53.5 pounds and once again see the person my mind remembers so well. Pictures are still very scary for me to look at because that WASN'T me...was it??? I can only tell you it feels GREAT to know that now my mind and my eyes aren't "pretending" any more and my health issues are GONE!!..

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"If you will practice being fictional for a while, you will understand that fictional characters are sometimes more real than people with bodies and heartbeats." ~Richard Bach, Illusions..

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I think I'm very much like you, when I read what you put into words it was a place that I have been, I suspect alot of us have been exactly where you are so no of course you are crazy, just normal, or maybe thats the crazy part about it:).

I started at my high weight of 252 and I am 5'2" tall and also was in a size 20 ( see what I mean ) I was always watching my weight in high.


And always looking in the mirrow saying to myself, do I really look that bad? I'm in a size 12 or 14 and thinking this should be normal. ( Because it should LOL ).

Anyways, I'm in my mid 40's now and have been divorced and remarried to a wonderful man and blossomed up to 252 with lots of health issues I never thought I would be the one to have..

One of the main things I have found out on my journey is that you have to really like yourself first for who you are and not beat yourself up, we are always our own worst critic :).

I did have to loss before my.


And did so, date of.


I was at 223, and now a little over a week out am at 215, but I'm really OK if this comes off slower, the main thing for me is to be healthy and happy with me :).


This helps some, sorry to rattle on but I felt like I was on a roll LOL.


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Buzz.I couldnt have written it any better when describing myself as well. Never been happy, 40-50 lbs. over weight (I know not a lot), but diabetes was going to end my life soon, I just knew it. The amount of insulin I was on was for an adult weighing 600 lbs..

I think we all have our own demons to take on, some good and some bad..

Good luck!.


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Sounds soooo familiar! I;m a size 22/24 but my body image is still about a size 12. Pictures of me are always a surprise - I'm THAT big??.

I am on the small side for GBS - only 210 lbs at 5'4" - without the comorbid conditions I wouldn't even qualify for the.


Of course the co-morbid conditions are the REASON I'm pursuing GBS - they are just getting worse as time goes on..

I'm hoping to eventually get down to that size 12 - and have my subconsious and reality back in synch...

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I am in exactly the same boat as you are! Now, 6 months out and 73 lbs gone, I feel like I am getting myself back! I haven't recognised the person in the mirror for the past 10 years and it's amazing how awesome I feel now!! It's still a shock to look in the mirror now and see ME - the me that I always still felt like on the inside and just lost sight of on the outside!.


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Absolutely, I think everyone is in agreement..

I started at 5'7" and 270lbs, size 20. I always struggled with weight but unlike most thought I was thinner than I was. When I went with a friend to look into GBS and they calculated my BMI at a 40+ I was shocked, not only did I qualify but I didnt need to have any other conditions as it was so high. It was actually a little sad that I qualified. If felt weird because I did have people say to me "I thought you had to be huge to have that" and up until the minute I was going into.


I was still shocked that I was actually big enough to qualify for this. I think most of us have a distorted view of ourselves, and for me too I thought I was much smaller than I was- it takes seeing photos for me to seriously cringe, how did I get that big? Will see what happens as I start to shrink, I'm told it will take a while to adjust. I'm also going to have my therapist number on speed dial- my friends know to call me on the $hit if I start acting crazy..


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Now I have to chime in here...because.....I started out at 435lbs. but mind you I am 5ft. 11 and have a large frame....It really has been frustrating seeing others who started out the same size as me getting into size ten??? WOW! I think to myself...."Why are you so big still?"...I AM at a size twenty and look a lot smaller than a lot of girls at that size! Go figure ey? To me it kind of sucks! I have lost alot of weight...over 204lbs. to be exact! I have to struggle with the mind trip of all of this and learn not to cpompare myself with someone else's progress because in all actuality I have done rather well!.

You should never let anyone's looks get you upset....we ALL go into this weightloss journey for our own personal reasons and I have to once again agree with BUZZ....I too hide my hurt with my.


! It is nice now however, to have.


...for just what it is....


! Not a cover up for my insecurities!.

Blessings to you HUN.


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.