Where can I find a free Medifast menu maker online?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Where can I find a free Medifast menu maker online? Looking forward for any comment. Second question of mine... Ok so I'm 1 1/2 weeks post op and I'm finding even though I might be tired I can't.



At first I thought maybe it was just the loratab, it has a tendensy to make me get up and do things after the first hour or so of taking a dose, but I haven't had any for a couple of days and still will.


For and hour or so and then be wide awake. Yesterday I took 1.


About an hour and half and still had trouble sleeping at night, I can lay there and rest at least now..

I feel like I need to.


More especially for healing purposes..

Has anybody had problems with sleeping after GBS?.

Is this something that will pass?.



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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could answer your Medifast question..

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Since the.


I had the same problem and a year and a half later nothing has changed except the restless leg syndrome went away ...still can't.


I've taken.


Aids but they make me super out of it the next day so I just try to deal with it lay off the.


And dont work out after mid morning..

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I am having sort of the same problem & I'm a week and a half out too - only I can't seem to fall into a deep.


Can't get to.


And when I do I toss and turn (even with my.


) I am thinking it is because I am not doing as much as I normally do and my body isn't getting tired out. Just go with the flow and rest away I guess...

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I'm 4 weeks out and take.


But only.


A couple of hours. I'm restless all day and shakey a lot. Even though I'm 4 weeks out of GBS I'm 2 weeks out of the last part of my stomach.


(to support the GBS.


). Long story but lapband and.

Gastric bypass surgery.

Not so successful. I've started.


For 30 minutes a day (not all at once) but still can't.


I feel weak. anyone out there that feels so weak?..

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Well I did get a little shakey the first few days but that seems to have gone away, since your body went thru so much more maybe it will still take a while before your full strenghth comes back...

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What kind of vitimins are you taking? I read where if you don't get enough b1 you could get the shakes but I'm taking that. I am having trouble eating too. I've had 4 surgeries in 3 weeks back to back plus the GBS but can't seem to do much even though I feel okay in the morning but not in the afternoon. What types of Medifast food are you eating? Any suggestions will help..


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Alot of my peers in my r/l WLS support group complain of post-op.


Problems. One of the issues is probably fluctuating hormone levels. Another can be the pain meds, which although they might make you feel sleepy actually mess with your.


At night..


Issues are a real medical problem which can lead to all kinds of other nasty health issues, so please don't just suffer...

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OMG I was exactly the same way. I had my.


2 Monday's ago and could not.


Without the painkillers. I also thought it was because I wasn't doing anything during the day to 'make myself tired' plus I can't.


On my back - I have to.


On my side. Well, if I use tons of pillows, I can.


On my side and get a full night's.


Thank God. There's nothing like just laying there tired and not being able to.


What a gross feeling...

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I'm a week out and in the same boat- I went off my pain meds almost right away and when I did that my body just didnt want to.


Although I was exhausted. I am a stomach sleeper so I toss and turn because obviously I can't.


On my stomach! miserable! I have tried doing some of the night time teas (helps get the water in too) and that has helped a little, that and I take a hot shower right before bed and try to eat something so my stomach isn't growling. Hoping it will pass, but looks like a lot of us are in the same boat!..

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Since I had been in the hospital from Dec 1st, I really don't remember other than the first 3 days getting pain meds. But they did give me something called adivant (loved it) to.


Since I've been home I use.


But really don't get much.


Since I.


On my stomach and side. I was in the hospital with complications from 12/1 to Jan 14th. 4 surgeries plus I had my knee replaced the first of Dec with only 2 weeks to recover before emergency lapband removal and gbs which did not turn out well. My main problem (since I never really selpt great to begin with) is that I don't know what to eat because everything makes me sick to my stomach. Plus, it's all creamy or liquid so I always feel hungry. What are you eating and how often and how do you feel while your eating? Help!..

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