Where can I find a mod Medifast menu for call of duty world at war ps3?

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Got a quick question: Where can I find a mod Medifast menu for call of duty world at war ps3? Looking forward for any answer. Another quick question... Please Brett, all your female admirers in this group took a vote and we REALLY want to see a new picture of you. Please post a tasteful picture so we may oooh and aaaah at your remarkable progress. Notice I said tasteful-nothing to do with whatever.


You had down there!.


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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I discover an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could answer your Medifast question..

Comment #1


Oh well!.

Lets see the goods!.

Love ya,.


Comment #2

I agree with Krissy! I don't remember anything about "tasteful". In fact, considering it's Brett, tasteful would be waaay too boring! Come on Brett - show us whatcha got! :).

*great idea Teri!*..

Comment #3

Did I hear that Brett's gonna do a nudey spread for us? Wow.....come on centerfold.................

Prove that wasn't a sex change..........LOL>..

Comment #4

Well I am totally ready to see Brett now...anyway I can LOL! Come on Brett...for the newbies!..

Comment #5

Haaaaahhaaa I was right in the WHAT DO WE KNOW haven't changed your picture....

Cmon my us what you've got!!!!..

Comment #6


Very excited to see the new you. Please don't disappoint us lovely ladies...

Comment #7

Let's go Brett!!!! What a Valentines gift this would be for all of us. :)..

Comment #8

Oh shoot! I thought we were voting on seeing a tasteful picture of Brett Favre. Geez, I really need to clean out my ears. lmao..

Comment #9

Please Brett, all your female admirers in this group took a vote and we REALLY want to see a new picture of you. Please post a tasteful picture so we may oooh and aaaah at your remarkable progress. Notice I said tasteful-nothing to do with whatever.


You had down there!.


Comment #10

God.. and I thought the guys were bad on here .. lol.. geez!!!..

Comment #11

Better watch it UpNorth YOU COULD BE NEXT! lol - btw WHAT IS THAT on your head? To Sue: WHY would we vote to see Brett Favre when we have doubleB? To DoubleB, PLEASE post an update photo, tasteful or not, your choice!..

Comment #12

UMMM.. HELLO a Santa hat!!.. sheesh... University of MN at that!!!..

Comment #13

That's what I thought UpNorth but the front looks kinda funny and most of the top of your head is cut off - lol..

Comment #14

Brett probably has more new photos of Brenda these days LMAO.....

I jest, Brett me old skinny buddy come on out of the shadows and show us just how AWESOME your looking.....

It is that time buddy..... I can squint my eyes if I think it's too rude..

All the best.


Comment #15

OOOOh yummy I have not been on in a bit and come to find out Brett might do a big revealing lets see them "bits", err I mean the new you Haha dont keep your lady friends waiting anymore......

Comment #16


Yes, Brett, please post some new photos, I gotta see if you got that "movie star" quality I like so much. Have you also made sure to tan those bits into a nice chocolately carmel color? Let us see, let us see!!! Mr. Shy Boy!..

Comment #17

And to those who can't wait to see Brett's sexy new pictures, I have reposted some pics of "Brenda" on my photos page to tide those over until we get new ones from the man himself.... LOL..

Comment #18

Callie - Those are mighty cute pictures of Brenda - now I really do need an update of Brett!!!!.

I need some excitement!!!!!..

Comment #19

Brett darling,.

Can't see the longing in our pleas? We need you so bad. We are begging you. Pretty Please?.

Just one pic would do me but the rest of the crowd seems to want more, More, MORE..

Luv u..

Comment #20

I still working on figuring out who this brett is!!!!!! so please give a pic so I know..

Comment #21

Hehe...His "stage name" is doubleb.

And he is a regular around here who is often referred to as "Brenda...or...Lucifer".

Whats funny about this post- it is titled message for Brett....and we folk all must really be nosey cause look at all the a post titled for someone else.....

Comment #22

Well, even thought the post was directed at Brett-I'm sure all of the additional pleas will help convince him. Where is that devil? He's either having a hell of a Valentine's Day weekend or avoiding this post. I.


It's the wild weekend thing.................................

Comment #23

I'm thinking all our guys need to update their the bits, not the, what rhymes with bits? HMMMMMMMM.

I think they should all give us the new photos we are requesting, and or demanding........LOL..

Come on men.........don't keep us ladies waiting..

Show us what your packing...

Comment #24

Brett-where are you? Surely you would not ignore the plea of your admirers? We want a pic, we want a pic, we want a pic............

Comment #25

Good God OK, and guess what? It's 85 degrees today so I have to put some clothin first!.

I post after my bike ride with cloth!.

Luvin you all.


Comment #26

I'm anxiously awaiting the new pic.... :).

We want Brett, We want Brett.... LOL.


Comment #27

Woohoo Brett, you seem to have loads of fans! 'Bout time you logged back on here and saw my message!..

Comment #28

(throws her underwear at Brett!) (the old granny panty ones!) I'm sooooo ready for the show! LMAO! WE WANT BRETT.....WE WANT BRETT!.

Love ya,.


Comment #29

How long is your bike ride buddy???? I haven't left my computer since I read your post and it is now very late here so I am going to have to wait till the morning. I.


I can.



Comment #30


(thinks.....maybe brett broke the camera with his bits!)..

Comment #31

I bet Bretts legs are REALLY sore by now...he is a crazy long bike rider......


Comment #32

I don't know Brett but you all have me very excited (sitting on the edge of my chair) Bring on the Pic !!! WooooooHoooooo.

Just Linda :)..

Comment #33

I wouldn't think Brett would be the shy type.........come on Brett we want to see the kibble and bits..............

Don't keep us's just not nice...

Comment #34

Brett, if you keep us waiting much longer we're not gonna tuck those dollar bills where you want us to. Don't tell me we've embarrassed you!..

Comment #35

Maybe he's out there getting them printed? Oh wait, this is the digital age, isn't it!.

Come on Brett! We're anxiously waiting, and I'm in the same time zone you are!.

Hugs! Patricia..

Comment #36

Man Brett your giving Andy a run for his money look at you teasing all the ladies it must be the California rain. Bike ride my butt- I heard it been raining there non-stop get going on those pics- do you want me to send my camera to you overnight and then I will send an overnite package so you can return it back to me and I will post for you. I can only imagine what kind of pics you would put on it ????.


Comment #37

Brett, how sad. You have disappointed your ardent admirers. We shall have to turn our attention to another..

Hmmmm. I have always wondered what Jerry looks like. Perhaps we will bombard him with fan mail. We can't pick on Buzz or northguy, cause they have updated their pictures..

I never would have pegged you for the shy type. In fact, I thought you were about a year away from joining a nudist colony. You know, to air out the bits regularly..

Your disappointed friend,.


Comment #38

Brett I am so proud of you! You look great, so handsome and much thinner than in the first photos. Thank you for not letting your fan club down. It was worth the wait!..

Comment #39

To all you special girls who have made the sick little journey so much more fun than I would have ever imagined. I've told many of you personally how much you've affected my life and to the rest, I read most all the shit posted here and feel like I know each one of you..

So here's the new me, 90+ lbs down in a bit over 100 days. I just never could have done it without you guys, especially Callie, Ron (UpNorth) and of course Andy. I love that limey son of a bitch! It's nice to know you're not alone!!!!!.



A post from a guy who just.

3 1/2 months ago ate and drank 5000 calories a day without effort, and now can ride a bike up hill for over and hour. WTF! Go figure that!.

It's not over and I know the rest of this sick dance isn't going to be easy but with this site and a sober mind and body I have a good feeling about the rest of the way!.

I love you all and in another 40+ lbs I show you girls the whole monty!.


On Loan From God..

Comment #40

All I have to say is: OMG, you look so dang good! Way to go! I bet Cory is all over you! That had to be the longest bike ride ever! I thought maybe us girls scared you away, but then I knew that girls could never scare Lucifer! lol - We couldn't imagine this journey without you either, you make it fun, and are informative and keep us inspired! As we always say, this is one awesome site! I bet I know where you've been, looking in the mirror at the nice looking guy staring back at ya! love ya back and thanks for being here for us! - Diane..

Comment #41

You are looking wonderful!!!! It was so worth the wait and glad you shared the new you! Can't wait for 4 months from now, I will have to mark my calendar lol.


Comment #42

Wooooo -hoooo You go sexy man!!! You look wonderful brett and thanks for posting a picture. Keep up the great work!!!.


Comment #43

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