Where can I get a $0.01 iPage coupon?

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Got a question... Where can I get a $0.01 iPage coupon? Many thanks for any response. Second question of mine... It is in USD and the highest score is 100..

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Sure, there are many iPage online promos out there. Good chance to save mola on iPage now. I advise you to sign up for their email list so you can be notified of their most recent promo codes. They typically email once a week or so..

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Hmm now I don't see "details" button... it was removed?..

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Fun game! I played once yesterday and got a score of 56..

I posted a link to your iPage site on.

HostGator Bagger..

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Yes, the details button was removed (as was adsense). We replaced the adsense banner with the details of your game. It automatically posts after the game is finnished..

Scott -.

I had noticed that when I did a link search this morning. Thank you so much, I do appreciate the link! We had an enormous amount of traffic on the game the first day of launch, so we hope to keep it going. More fun stuff will be added as soon as possible..



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Fun game.

There were a couple of domains like "odr" which didn't have an extension attached to the end...

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Thanks Sabre - i'll have to go back through the database and do some "cleaning" - there are a few errors, including a error, where most of them display as .co's.

Slowly but surely the game will be fixed!.

Clearly another error. I believe this is actually an IDN, but the way it all gets converted.... I know it's buggy!!! But Im working on it!!.


Thanks for your support guys..


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The game is working better... probably harder to cheat now too with the reduced time and no cut & pasting.

I mentioned it over the in HostGator Tips thread here:.


It is actually a good HostGator tip, play this game for a little while and you definitely get some HostGator name knowlegde..

Another feature idea would be to give you the average margin of error in your details report (i.e. "On Avg. you valued domains 20% too low" or high), it might help quantify into words exactly where you are going wrong...

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Thats not a bad thought either. I will discuss that with the developer. But, some good news! we are now recording all data submitted. Which means, in a week or 2 we will be releasing a HostGator eval report! On average how off our snap judgements for HostGator appraisals? I dont know... we'll find out..



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Sounds good, look forward to seeing those stats integrated into the reports..

Just found another thing... make it so you can't cut and paste the domain, at the moment you can. This will also help stop cheating...

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Another Great Suggestion. This will be added to the next round of updates!..

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I got a 65 after a couple of tries (no cheating).....

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Long HostGator names seem to screw up the results box, making it impossible to read:. pushed it so I could only read the first 1 or 2 digits of the values...

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Best so far is 47..

Nice Game..

I recommend limiting users to one position on the top score chart...

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I will make some adjustments to the game, and get it working as soon as possible. Im glad everyone is enjoying it and Im gonna get to fixing it soon! Thanks for all the suggestions!.


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I saw that HostGator Name Wire made a post about your game, Justin..

I decided to digg it:.


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Thats great! I didnt even see it, thanks for posting. LoL even though a flaw is pointed out in the programming of the game, Its still a flattering article...

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