Where can I get a domain like iPage for under $4?

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Quick question... Where can I get a domain like iPage for under $4? Hoping for any answer or 2. Second question of mine... Hi NP Friend,.

What is your own most favorite domain?.

Mine is

Interested in knowing yours..


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Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you an answer..

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Just recently picked it up. The only .name extension I have and the only will I will ever need (if I were to claim I actually needed one).

Just think of all the subdomain possibilities:.

More or covers all realms of domaining...

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My Favorite!.



You can have on the Internet..

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Well mine is my first regged domain.

Spent so much time and effort on it...

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I love my

Will eventually be a personal blog.....

Can't believe it took me so long to reg it..

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Difficult one...either, or, though once I finish acquiring, I'll be in love with that one too...

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For What I have currently, I would say (Digital Music, Digital Map. Digital Mobiles....).

But I think it would be sold soon, after that, I need to find a new one as MY BEST..

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Don't know what to do with it though..

Maybe I'll find a use for it in 2012..

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Well, I love my 5 dogs the most, (maybe not the most valuable HostGator I have)so I have to say:.



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Mine is.

I have plan but don't have time. Just leave it there..


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I would like My own name for the domain. I could have email like.

Quite nice...

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Mine is

I know it isn't the best but I like it lol..

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Mine might just be, if only because of the tax-deductible trips I'll be able to take researching content for the iPage site when I get around to it...

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Figure i'd do something green with it, maybe a portal..

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I have so many 'favorites"... but I'll pick one out of the lot:.

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Got to be - one day it might fund my retirement !..

Comment #16 and I may be biased..

The dot net is complete spamming and occasional breasts...

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Too many favorites. If I could only keep one, it would have to be, or perhaps MilitaryHistory.netBut the one that I think would be the most fun to develop would be BeerChannel.tvImagine the research I would have to put into that site!..

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My personal portfolio favorites tend to be the entertaining ones, not the valuable ones..




Commercial names tend to bore me. I enjoy the money they bring, but I don't miss them when they're gone..


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I bet there's a few people who would love that one ! (me included).

It is near impossible for me to pick just one as I have at least 1/2 dozen + "favourites"..

But..... I will say for this month it is because it has earned the most in PPC and I will most definetly be developing a large iPage website on it in the future (1/2 way there).

Some sweet names guys.


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Indeed! Get on it now...2012 may seem like a long way off but folks need to plan well in advance. I like it!.


All pay homage to a channel devoted to beer and beer commerials..

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Yeah - it's also number 1 in google for Rut.

- I guess you have recenty put that page up as it shows as a PR5, A recent buy ??.


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Okay! We got the beer fund, we're all meeting at RogueWriters house to watch the beer channel, all we need is.

Big screen tv..

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Thanks Gazzip....

Shes back on the market too with a fair offer. So we'll see what happens..


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Undecided .. I like / / the most at the moment..

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Quite potentially a real gem there..

Real estate, rentals, trips and travel...nice!..

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It is showing early promise with the traffic it has been receiving...

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Not my best, but definetely my favorites are.

NoRisk-NoFun_com (my username).

INRI_com (maybe the oldest acronym ever)..

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Right now since I'm getting into realestate it would have to be my newly purchased

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As a fan of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre films,.

My favorite would have to be....

C h a I n s a.w s..

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Favorite domains that may not have any real commercial value but just picked up because I like them?. (great for webmaster/traffic forum, but I really liked the wordplay - rearrange the last 4 letters).

Recently picked up which I really like too...

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C h a I n s a.w s.

Thanks, I like it too!.

I just picked it up for reg fee the other day.....

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I've got more than one, but I'm gonna go with

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Want to buy from me? :-).

My is half year younger. And about half of the 40 registered in 198X are acronyms...

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For the sake of IDN's, I have to add:.



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I love everything Apple that's why I'm one of and

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BTW, I forgot about this one, and someday I need to put the web iPage site back up, it was fun:. - "Yin Yang For Trailer Folk"...

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Hi Friends,.

Your own most favorite domains are unique. OK, I'll keep my own most favorite one as long as I cherish it..

Circa1850, yours (,, wʬ.com, ♋.net) are like HostGator art works. Appreciate them...

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